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Stan in the middle with Palestine and Darth Vader 5


Commander Stan was the secret son of Roan Fel's cousin; Mohrgan Fel and was born in 117 ABY. Alexander Fel was Mohrgan's brother and thus Stan's uncle. Stan ruled the Galactic Empire/New Order from 139 ABY to 159 ABY. Then Daara Zend returned from the Unknown Regions and subverted the Empire to her side. (See Star Wars Unity Wiki) Stan's Empire fragmented and he was left to rule only a small area near Bespin.

Then Emperor Palestine, who some believed to be the embodiment of the Dark Side, defeated Stan in a duel in 166 ABY and proclaimed himself Emperor. Stan's body had been transformed that year by the Dark Force Creature's energy into a hooded figure who was several times stronger than a human with green blood. Stan's new face was a skull surrounded by red and blue energy and hidden by a black mask with red eye lenses.

Unfortunately, Stan's peaceful rule of the Empire was threatened by Palestine taking the fleet to war with the New Republic arm of the Galactic Alliance. Palestine's Imperial Fleet—which was formally allied with Stan—was defeated swiftly and hid in the heart of the Deep Core for five years. The Republic Fleet attacked again in 172 ABY, and Stan finally confronted Palestine for a rematch. He defeated the Emperor but as he turned away, the spirit of the Emperor took over his body. Stan had planned for this and transferred his spirit into a waiting clone, that looked just like his old human body but had the great strength of his transformed original body. This clone was simply known as Stan's Clone. He and his sons formed an alliance with the leaders of the New Republic Fleet to drive the Renegades out of the Deep Core and into the Unknown Regions. Once surrounded by allies that Stan and his advisors, including Alexander Fel and Ophphae Imperium, had created in the Unknown Regions, the renegade threat was ended.

Stan and his uncle introduced the Republic leaders to Emperor Thomas "Will" Cherokee, who had been holding the throne for Stan. Cherokee, the true Emperor for the past six years and the Regent under Stan before that, introduced a motion in the Imperial Senate to nominate Stan as Galactic Emperor. Stan accepted the nomination and his first decree was that the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Union would merge to become the United Galactic Empire. Stan had already discussed that idea with the Republic and Imperial military leaders, and the decree was accepted by all. Stan appointed the highest ranking Imperial, Cherokee, as his Regent and the highest ranking Republic member as his Grand Vizier. Then the work of exploring the Galaxy together was able to proceed, starting with Stan's revelation of all the allies he had made in the Unknown Regions. Those regions were soon named the Western Analogues, once Emperor Stan revealed the trade routes that the vast Empire had blazed into and through them.

Stan's Galactic Empire lasted from 174 ABY to 181 ABY, when the Praxeum was formed, dissolving the Empire.