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Sraitsnwod was a town on Eniam. It was founded by the Keaarglr, and it was within a forest, as that was the Keaarglrs' natural and preferred habitat. The town was not notable compared to the bustling Mor Retupmok and the Drijoken caves, but when the Drijokenleein and the Keaarglrs united to gain deserved representation, Sraitsnwod was chosen to be the capital. This was because it was about halfway between the biggest Keaarglr city and the most populous Drijoken cave network, and it was close to both. Also, in some areas, the thick foliage blocked out light to the level preferred by Drijokenleein.

Behind the scenesEdit

Like most or all Eniam cities, Sraitsnwod's name is derived from the corruption of a word reversed, in this case, downstairs.

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