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200px-Imperial Venator

The Squishy Victore, flanked by two super star destroyers.

The Squishy Victore was large droid spacecraft deployed the Confederacy during the Confederacy-Galactic Alliance War.


It was programmed to react in various battle situations, and was proven fairly effective. However, it could also be controlled manually by remote control devices on the ground.


The Squishy Victore went through its first stages of development during the days of the Empire. The project was moved to Bespin to prevent the weapon's discovery. After the world fell into Rebel hands, the ship was forgotten.

It was finally rediscovered and completed by Luke Martene. Baron Martene placed Salire Kavin in charge of securing the flying fortress. However, he was unable to prevent the Alliance from hijacking and destroying the ship during Operation Round About.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Squishy Victore was created by the Star Wars Fanon wiki user Red Head Rider. He based the page's title after the nickname of Victor Dorantes, Squishy Vic.

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