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This Grand Jedi Master was a very wise and Powerful master who created the 3rd Jedi order and killed Darth Krayt. He is related to Luminara Unduli.

History (80 ABY-99 ABY)Edit

He was born on Coruscant(80 ABY) and was born Galvin Unduli but changed his name in 100 ABY. He was tooken to the New Jedi Order in 82 ABY and was trained by Jaina Solo until he ran away in 91 ABY. Because he felt that the NJO was unable to train him.In 95 ABY (age 15) he found 3 orphans (5 year old Janna Ti,6 year old Del Koon , and 4 year old John Reed ) and discovered they were force sensitive and decided to train them to be Jedi.Even though he left the NJO he was visited by Luke Skywalker's Force ghost and allowed Luke to train him. Well he started to train these 3 padawans. He became attached to Del and Janna but never got to know John Reed well. He continued to train the 3 until in 98 ABY they were attacked by space pirates on Naboo ,John was captured by the pirates and Spo gained a big scar on his face. Unduli searched for John until late 99 ABY incorrectly concludeing John was gone forever. In 100 ABY a new Jedi Order would rise and with it a Galactic Empire.......

Rise of the Jedi(100-121 ABY)Edit

During 100 ABY Unduli and his 2 padawan learners wandered the galaxy,only Spo knew why they were wandering the galaxy,to find a acceptable location for them to build the Jedi Temple (later known as the Imperial Temple).After 3 monthes of searching they landed on Corellia. But once they landed they were forced on the run from a group of jedi masters. unfortunely Spo was forced to fight them to save his padawans. But the corrupt jedi were to much for spo and slashed him in the chest. When all hope seemed lost Del Koon (Who was 11 at the time) attacked the Jedi Masters and killed one. As he continued to fight the other 4 a Albino wookie saw the little Kel Dor fighting the jedi,the wookie ran over and force pushed the 4 jedi off a nearby cliff killing all of them. The wookie took them to his cottage and treated their wounds.The wookie was infact a jedi master named Girrkebacca. Spo allowed the wookie to join them on their journey to create a new jedi order. A few days later in a abandoned town on Corellia they found an old, ruined temple that was very large and after investigateing the temple Spo decided to use this temple. After a year of re-building the temple was finshed. And only after 20 years the temple had over 100,000 Jedi residents it was now 121 ABY and Del Koon was a Grand Jedi Master and Janna Ti was the wife of Spo Unduli and a jedi master. He had a daughter as well Jedi Padawan Barriss Unduli. And not only did Spo start a new jedi order, he also destroyed the Galactic Alliance and formed the Galactic Empire. He also got the NJO back on his side. Even though so much goodness was released in the galaxy ,Spo sensed a deep disturbance.The Sith are back.He also knew that Darth Krayt was slowly riseing to power. His nightmares were comeing true countless jedi have mysteriously been killed and the Empire had already lost 3 emperors. Then late 121 ABY, Darth Krayt rose to power and with him a sith Empire.But the most shocking truth was one he never would have expected. The Imperial Jedi Order will be in for a shock.

Sith-Jedi WarsEdit

Spo was ready for the worset but didn't expect what happened after 3 weeks of the Sith-Jedi War (later known as the Dark Realm Wars),during a battle, The 3rd Battle of Coruscant Spo led the Imperial Army (Clone troopers)againest Krayt's sith army and then was forced in to a duel with a hooded sith named , Darth Xetror. Soon Spo over powered the sith and was about to kill him when he realized it was John Reed. Spo stood shocked looking at his former padawan,which led to Xetror useing force lighting on him and then sliced Spo's left hand off and then slashing him in the chest. Soon after Del Koon forced the sith to retreat and took his injured master back to Corellia to heal and rest. Soon later dureing the war Unduli had various encounters with Darth Krayt ,who each time injured Spo critcally. Soon he was over the grief that struck him after his many losses to the sith, and was replaced with anger and confidence.In early 122 ABY the Imperial's luck changed Spo led over 100 successful campaigns againest the sith and killed over 100 sith lords. This was the turning point of the war.

Imperial Governor Edit

In the middle of 122 ABY Spo Unduli was pushed into running for Imperial Governor of Corellia,which would give him full control over Corellia and the Order's fate( along with the Senators)He had 3 opposeing foes. A former Galactic Alliance Senator, and 2 Corellian Court Judges. He got almost every Jedi's vote and both of Corellia's senators'. He also got most of the rural votes while the 2 judges were competeing for all the urban votes. Dureing the race the former Galactic Alliance senator was elimnated from the race after assinateing one of the judge candidates. This was the turning point of the election a few weeks later Jedi Grand Master Galvin "Spo" Unduli was sworn into office. This would be a major turning point in the grand master's life. Which made him more of a target for the sith then before. In his first 2 weeks in office his life was threatened more then 40 times. Yet somehow he led the planet out of economy trouble and helped both senators of Corellia by helping them settle a deal with the Corellian Council which threatened to secede from the goverment. Soon the whole galaxy knew of Unduli's good deeds and many planets,that were not in the Galactic Empire ,joined the empire. Some of these planets were : Tatooine,Dantooine,and Hypori

Death of Darth KraytEdit

Sith retreatingEdit

Return of the SithEdit

Dark Realm WarsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

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