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The SpecOps facility during the Sith Crusade.

The SpecOps facility on the unnamed ice world was the headquarters of the Special Operations Executive, more commonly known as SpecOps. Located deep inside the Unknown Regions, within the territory of the Sith Order of Decreto, the SpecOps facility was the only location designated under the control of the SpecOps; acting as their headquarters, research and training facility. With living space for upwards of one-thousand and a spaceport capable of housing two Galactica-class troop carriers at once, the SpecOps facility was capable of operating independantly from the economy of the greater Sith Empire indefinitely; often doing so in its early years as a means of keeping their location hidden. The facility was looked after by a localised Livewire administration system named "Bungie", which operated the complexes security programmes. Bungie was capable of wiring into the helmet cameras of each and every SpecOps unit, if the helmet was active, allowing those at the facility to view in real-time, what they're units were doing in the field.

The complex served as the training ground for all SpecOps up to the outbreak of the Successors War, wherein the facility was abandoned in expectation of an attack by Darth Proditor. Although the attack never came, the facility was never reoccupied by the SpecOps, eventually falling under the control of a sole SpecOps unit – Commander 313 – who used the complex as a base of operations during the Successors War.

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