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Space Battle over Magroth

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Battle of Magroth

Galactic Civil War




Systems Galactic Empire victory


Systems Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire

Rebel Alliance


Fleet Admiral Kavillian


Luke Skywalker

  • 1000 Star Destroyers
    • Super Star Destroyers
    • Tuskencat-class Star Destroyers
    • Imperial I-class Star Destroyers
    • Imperial II-class Star Destroyers
    • Immobilizer-class Star Destroyers
  • 53,468,788 TIE fighters
    • TIE/In fighters
    • TIE/In Intercepters
    • TIE Phantoms
    • TIE Bombers
    • TIE Defenders
    • TIE Vanguards
    • TIE Boarding Crafts
    • TIE Advance x1
    • TIE Scouts
  • Countless TIE pilots
  • Stormtroopers
  • Scout troopers
  • Death Star IV
  • 940 Star Destroyers
    • Imperial II-class Star Destroyers
    • Super Star Destroyers
  • 34,900,087 TIE fighters
    • TIE/In fighters
    • TIE Droid fighters
    • TIE Bombers
    • TIE Intercepters
    • TIE Boarding Crafts
    • TIE Aggressors
  • Countless TIE pilots
  • Stormtroopers
  • Imperial Marines
  • 923 Mon Cal cruisers
  • 900 Coreillian Corvettes
  • 20,034,000 fighters
    • X-wings
    • B-wings
    • Y-wings
    • V-wings
    • Rebel Boarding ships
    • Heavy X-wings
    • Z-29 Headhunters
  • Countless Rebel pilots
  • Rebel Vanguards
  • 435 Star Destroyers
  • 3,047 TIEs and pilots
  • Some stormtroopers
  • A little number of Scout troopers
  • All but 6 Star Destroyers
  • 20,000,000 TIEs and pilots captured by Systems Empire
  • 3,000 TIEs destroyed
  • All Imperial Marines
  • Low number of stormtroopers
  • All but 3 Mon Cal cruisers
  • 15,000,097 fighters and pilots
  • All Vanguards

The Space Battle over Magroth was a space battle between the Systems Galactic Empire, the Galactic Empire, and the Rebellion.

The BattleEdit

The battle was mostly focused around the Star Destroyers, even though the purpose of the Rebel attack was to destroy the Death Star IV. Numerous TIEs were used in the battle, and combined with the Empire's TIEs, there were more then a half a million. The Rebellion's gunners and pilots were mostly inexperienced, because they were all hired a few weeks ago and hardly had any training. There were some pilots there that were experienced, but they were no mach for the two Empires pilots. Most of them were experienced, and the TIEs were built better. The battle was good intel the Empire broke the alliance and soon they were shooting at each other. The Rebels shot down the TIEs easily, but soon more Systems Empire Star Destroyers arrived, bringing out more TIEs.

Attack on the Death Star IVEdit

When the two Empires were fighting, the Rebel pilots went in for the Death Star IV. But the turbo lasers started firing. Soon, Rebel pilots heard a familiar sound. More TIEs exited the Death Star's hanger and started firing. And, the Death Star was operational. That surprised the Rebels. Soon, all of the Rebel ships were destroyed, and the ones that got inside the Station were lost in all of the tunnels, and they crashed into pipes and walls.

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