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SV-Cruentus era

The Sovereign Imperium was a faction formed after the collapse of the Infinite Empire. It was established on the industrial world of Haeedon, where they made use of millions alien slaves. Due to the Imperium's extreme xenophobic nature, the slaves declared civil war on the Imperium, utterly weakening and destroying it before it had the chance to fight in the Cruentusian War.


The Sovereign Imperium was formed from a group of human slaves that drove the Rakata off of the planet after they were weakened by a plague. The slaves, led by cousins Khavus Shul and Teja Amicus, established a government to safeguard against both the Rakata, and future aggressors. Due to their slave background, they were xenophobic to other and all alien species, and eventually utilized the aliens as slaves themselves.

In order to have a safeguard against rebellion, they imposed the Imperium Military as the policing force, regularly patrolling slave camps and beating them as they see fit. The two also established an Imperium Council, occupied only by the highest members of the Imperium Party.

Despite the safeguards put in place, the slaves started using the manufactured military equipment they were making for themselves, and instigated a bloody civil war that lasted nearly as long as the Cruentusian War. The slaves eventually won, and publicly executed all the high members of the Imperium.


The Imperium was extremely xenophobic, imposing martial law on all of the slave camps, but leaving the human-occupied cities as marvelous utopias. The humans lived in a life of luxury, each family having at least one slave to tend to them. The slaves were regularly subjugated and beaten by the Military, and the weak were culled from the slave ranks and killed.

The Imperium was governed by the Imperium Party, which was controlled by the Imperium Council. Khavus Shul was the High Chairman, while Teja Amicus was the Supreme Commander of the Miltiary.


Teja Amicus was the Supreme Commander of the Imperium Military. The military was huge, but it was dwarfed by the large slave population. However, that was offset by the quality of weapons and armor that was manufactured by the slaves, which allowed them to be even more easily subjugated.

During the Haeedon Civil War, the Military was vastly outnumbered, and the slaves started using the supplies they were manufacturing. The Military was crushed in a brutal four year war, which led to all of the Imperium leaders being executed.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Sovereign Imperium is based off of "The Party" - the ruling elite of Oceania depicted in George Orwell's novel 1984.

The Imperium was supposed to have a much larger role in the War, but the author,LDR was away from SWF during that time period, and eventually had to rewrite the originally planned story of the Imperium.