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Soriuse was a planet in the Inner Region. Soriuse was a world of plains and fields covered with rolling hills. It was inhabited by the Soriusans. Its population was low, due to the low birth rate of Soriusans, and only a few of its people had ever ventured outside of its gravity field. This would soon lead to the planet's downfall, because a prototype of the Death Star was tested on the planet. The immensity of power used, balanced against the prototype Death Star's small size caused it to detonate, although not before it had fired its superlaser at Soriuse, destroying the peaceful planet and wiping out all but one of the Soriusans that lived there. The last survivor was Anunius Grencur, who had been blasted into space as a last-ditch effort to save him. Years later, he died in the Battle of Hoth.

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