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The Sons of Mandalore were a group of galactic terrorists formed around 200 ABY. They were led by Darth Ariss, who was the descendant of the Dark Lord Exar Kun. The Sons of Mandalore derived their name from the crusading Mandalorian warriors that had terrorized the galaxy during the time of the Jedi Civil War. The structure was a loose military hierarchy, with Ariss serving as the Supreme Commander. For several months, they wreaked havoc on seemingly random worlds, such as Dantooine, Iridonia, and Dxun. They were finally able to reach their goal after eight months: the Tower of Kun, an ancient tower of immense dark side power. However, Ariss was killed by Jedi Master Sylan Jerev, and the Sons of Mandalore were disbanded soon after. Many eventually helped form the smugglers group known as the Reformation Alliance.

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