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Well? What do you think?
—Jasca Ducato

The Soiyo was the personal command ship for General Ducato towards the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war.

A prototype of the new Galaxy-class, the vessel was designed capable of traveling outside of the galaxy into the void of outer space.


Soiyo was the first of the Galaxy-class battleship line. It was 21,500 meters long, over twelve times the length of an Imperator-class Star Destroyer, and just slightly larger than the Executor, but considered by many to be almost a copy of the dreaded warship, albeit slightly more imposing. It carried more than 6,000 turbolasers and ion cannons, 18 wings of X-wing and 6 wings of B-wing fighters, at least 380 other combat and support ships, 2 prefabricated garrison bases, and enough republic troopers and Jedi Knight to defeat any threat to the New Republic.

Crew ComplimentEdit

The Soiyo had a total Officer compliment of 60, 892 and a total crew compliment of 744,468.

Jedi Training FacilitiesEdit

Although not designed as a Jedi Academy Vessel, the Soiyo was more than capable of training and fielding a massive Jedi Task Force of roughly 5,000. The vessel was even equipped with its own Jedi Council, headed by Jasca Ducato. The vessel also held 48 Arenas designed to assist the Jedi knights in their training.

10 Year MissionEdit

Almost two years after the Yuuzhan Vong War the Soiyo was sent into the Unknown Regions with the mission of investigating rumors of a post-Palpatine Sith Order, however its mission took the Soiyo far beyond the edge of the galaxy and has since been classed "MIA" by the Galactic Alliance. It is currently unknown what has become of the Soiyo.

It later became apparent that the Soiyo had once again followed Jasca Ducato to the dark-side when it returned to the galactic theatre at the head of a Sith Invasion fleet. In 58 ABY the Jedi as a whole saw that Soiyo had returned.

Surpassing the masterEdit

By the time of Abeonis' death in 121 ABY; the Soiyo was still the most technologically advanced warship in the galaxy. Yet, for such a large and important vessel, it vanished completely. Not even Darth Wyyrlok knew where it was.