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Skylkan Shouja was born in 80 BBY on Corellia. He became a smuggler after he married Karla Shouja, pursuing what he called an adventurous life. According to his peers, Skylkan was good with a blaster and a decent pilot, but had what his crew called a run of bad luck, failing to deliver several shipments when he had promised.

Through gambling and his failure to complete his contracts, Skylkan accumulated almost one hundred thousand credits in debt. In 52 BBY, he fled Corellia with his pregnant wife to escape his debtors and ended up on the Outer Rim planet of J't'p'tan, where he continued his operations.

His only son, Ryluk Shouja was born on J't'p'tan while Skylkan was on a smuggling run. Skylkan continued smuggling operations for another two years before one of his crew members informed a bounty hunter of his location. Skylkan was killed in a firefight with the bounty hunter in 54 BBY. The only news of his death that returned to his family was that he had been killed in an accident.