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The Skirmish of Beggar's Canyon was the first battle of the Tatooine Civil War. The leaders had been assassinated 3 months ago, and there was lots of tension between the three sides. A Hutt had started harrassing a Jawa and the Jawa snapped. He attacked the Hutt in a mad rage. A brawl started and resulted in a battle.


The Hutt's name was Durge Deslit Jool, and he was harrassing a Jawa named Nebit Luun. When Luun attacked Jool in a rage, multiple Hutts raced to defend Jool while Jawas raced to defend Luun.

Unarmed combat ensued for around half an hour, resulting in multiple wounds, bruises, and even one Hutt killed. Then, Tatooine police, or the Abandoned Shock Troopers, attempted to break up the fight.


38 Tusken Raiders appeared on the canyon edge. They were snipers and they started shooting at the police. Colonel Sliven Hett accidentally shot a Jawa fatally, and so Jawas picked up weapons and shot at all three opposing sides.

When Imperial reinforcements arrived, they shot at Raiders, Jawas, and Hutts. The Hutts took up dead Jawas' and Shock Troopers' weapons. They sustained heavy casualties, though, being the last to arm. Only one Hutt was able to escape unharmed.

Fortunately for the Raiders, they took light casualties. However, the Jawas, the Hutts, and the Tusken Raiders were forced by the Imperials to retreat, and the Imperials took over Beggar's Canyon.

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