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I am the heir of Aloysius Kallig and Tulak Hord, and Master of the Dead. I am power unlike any you have known: absolute, infinite, and unrelenting. You have no choice but to prepare for a long dark future as my subjects—and my slaves. Eventually, all the living shall fear the dead.
—Lord Sithis

Lord Sithis, also known as Akel to the New Sith, SITHISIT to the Brotherhood of Darkness, Psijii to the Voss, the Great Dragon to the Cult of the Screaming Blade, known for the vast majority of his life as Darth Nox and formerly as the Sith Lord Khaetor Kallig was an immensely powerful Rattataki male Dark Lord of the Sith who served the Sith Empire during the Cold War, Galactic War, the New Sith in the New Sith Wars, and the Order of the Sith Lords during the Clone Wars.

Born in 3685 BBY simply as Khaetor, the future Dark Lord started at the bottom of the ladder as a Rattataki slave. Khaetor was extremely well-adapted in the Force at a young age. Furious on how his people were treated by the Imperials, Khaetor took it upon himself to exact revenge on the Imperial soldiers. He blasted them with Force lightning but instead of being executed for attacking his masters, Khaetor was taken as a Sith acolyte to Korriban to train in the ways of the Sith.

As the future Darth Nox succeeded in overcoming all of the trials imposed by the academy's masters and instructors, Khaetor rose in the hierarchy, embracing the way of the Sith Inquisitor. Khaetor was apprenticed by Darth Zash, a female Sith Lord and member of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge.

During his rise to power, Khaetor developed a bitter rivalry with Darth Thanaton, a powerful Dark Lord of the Sith and a member of the Empire's Dark Council. The antagonism between the two Sith was brought to an end when the Inquisitor defeated Thanaton on the very floor of the Council chamber, occupying his seat on the Dark Council, as the Dark Councilor heading the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge.

Lord Sithis was the true architect behind the Rule of Two along with his apprentice, Darth Bane. Years before that, Lord Sithis tried to reconstitute the Sith Empire for the third time four thousand years after his first death by turning the Jedi Masters Phanius and Skere Kaan to the Dark Side and allowing Phanius to found the New Sith Order by simultaneously renaming Phanius "Darth Ruin", and allowing Skere Kaan to form the Brotherhood of Darkness, and taking them as his secret apprentices. After his first death at the hands of the Togruta Jedi Master Ch'vyalthan sometime before 3500 BBY, Sithis, who back then was known as the Dark Councilor Darth Nox, performed a series of Darkside rituals to transfer his essence outside of his body to cheat death.

After this event, the body-less Dark Lord was hellbent on restoring the Sith Empire to greatness. In his quest to doing so, Nox renamed himself Lord Sithis, in honor of the Sith. He discarded his alien slave heritage and donned himself the true successor to Emperor Vitiate.

Speaking Lord Sithis' name was a great taboo. Therefore, when people were referring to him, they would use the terms He-who-must-not-be-named or You-know-who. In writing terms, Sithis' name would be spelled as PSJJJJ, a name that was meant to be unpronounceable.

Biography Edit

Early life and ancestry Edit

Childhood on Rattatak Edit

Where does Darth Nox come from?"
Rattatak, apparently. Some say he was born a slave. The most powerful Sith Lord in centuries, born a slave. Ironic, isn't it?

—Master Ch'vyalthan and Jedi Knight Arthuri.

The Rattataki slave named Khaetor was born in 3685 BBY on Rattatak, the Rattataki homeworld that was recently enslaved by the resurgent Sith Empire. Born a slave, Khaetor was in truth, albeit unknowingly, a descendant of the legendary, but long forgotten, Sith Lord Aloysius Kallig. As a child, Khaetor worked in the summer palace of the sector's Moff, who displayed utter cruelty to the planet's inhabitants, including the young Khaetor. The Moff would often start hunts against some of the Rattataki slaves, which angered the young slave. Khaetor took it upon himself to take revenge on the misdeeds that were happening to his people. One of Khaetor's ancestors was a Rattataki warrior who joined Darth Vich's army during his infamous insurrection. After Vich's defeat, this individual was enslaved and his descendants continued to fall into slavery as well.


Khaetor was born during the resurgent Sith Empire, under the rule of Emperor Vitiate.

Khaetor recently discovered that he was Force-sensitive, but kept that secret to himself. Khaetor himself was fairly suspicious about his Force-sensitivity, since both of his parents, who were slaves as well, were not Force-sensitive. Eventually, he attacked the sadistic Moff and very nearly killed him by blasting him with Force lightning. The severely injured Moff demanded that Khaetor should be executed for his crimes but instead, the Sith Order were pleased with the young Rattataki's display of raw power, and instead took him to the Sith Academy on Korriban to train him in the ways of the Sith Inquisitor.

Training on Korriban Edit

The young Sith acolyte performed exemplary service on Korriban. Besting every other acolyte on the academy in terms of strength, wits and power.
—An unknown Sith historian.

After being taken by the Sith to the Sith Academy on Korriban, the young Khaetor was assigned to the xenophobic and pure-blood supremacist Overseer Harkun who was instructing other non-Imperial Sith, whom he held in contempt, especially former slaves. The Overseer made no attempt to hide his disdain as he openly discriminated against Khaetor in favor of another acolyte in the group, a pureblooded Sith named Ffon Althe. After a brief introduction upon the Acolytes' arrival, Harkun assigned Khaetor his first quest: to travel into Ajunta Pall's tomb and be tested by Lord Spindrall.


Khaetor was sent to the Sith Academy on Korriban after being assigned to Overseer Harkun.

After killing some K'lor'slugs and tomb looters along the way, Khaetor finally reached Spindrall, who tested the young Acolyte by sending his own six acolytes to attack. Khaetor easily defeated them all, passing the test and leaving the tomb thereafter. Successful, the Acolyte returned to Harkun, who was awaiting the former slave in the Sith Academy, but not without first meeting an assistant Overseer called Markan, who introduced Khaetor to some core Sith tenets.

Back in Harkun's office, Harkun executed an acolyte, Kory, for her weakness and not living up to her potential before assigning Khaetor to a quest in the Academy's jail, which Lord Zash herself had requested for him. In the jail, Inquisitor Zyn told Khaetor to interrogate a weak acolyte named Alif; Khaetor succeeded, getting the answer from Alif in the process. Harkun then proceeded to assign both Khaetor and Ffon to different trials of intellect. While Ffon's task was less dangerous, as he merely had to translate some ancient texts, Khaetor's task was to travel to Marka Ragnos's tomb and recover an ancient holocron. Khaetor fought through hordes of Tuk'ata and Shyracks to reach the objective but succeeded nonetheless, retrieving the Holocron through the use of Force lightning.

At the same time the Acolyte was gaining renown for the feats performed in the tombs. Upon returning to Harkun, the Overseer was both surprised and displeased that the Acolyte had survived and was quick to send the Acolyte on another difficult task.

The Dashade and final trials Edit

Your final trial will be to retrieve an ancient map from the innermost chamber of Naga Sadow's tomb—which has never been breached in thousands of years.
—Overseer Harkun

Khaetor was sent by Harkun, at Lord Zash's request, to recover a text on Tulak Hord's tomb as part of Zash's research on the ancient Dark Lord's artifacts. As before, Khaetor succeeded in this task, retrieving the archived text. Upon returning to the Academy, Khaetor was met by Lord Zash herself, who complimented the Acolyte's success. She told him she had great hopes and that Khaetor was likely to become the apprentice she was looking for.

Khaetor then met and delivered the artifact to Harkun in his office. The Overseer refused to believe Khaetor had met Zash and sent him to the Academy's training facility. Upon arriving in the training facility, Khaetor was met by two of Harkun's other students who had been assigned to slay the Acolyte in exchange for their freedom. Khaetor, however, proved too strong and easily defeated the other two.

Realizing the assignment had been a trap, Khaetor returned to Harkun, who then assigned him on his final task. He wanted Khaetor to retrieve an ancient map from Naga Sadow's tomb, which first required releasing a sentient beast called the Dashade. Zash interrupted the conversation and gave Khaetor the translated text that was previously retrieved from Tulak Hord's tomb. This information, which was needed to reach the ancient map, gave the young Acolyte a great advantage over Harkun's final and favorite remaining student, Ffon.


Khem Val, the ancient Dashade assassin of Tulak Hord.

Khaetor breached the tomb, destroyed the droid guardians protecting it, and released the Dashade, whom he then learned was Tulak Hord's renowned, ancient assassin named Khem Val. Upon release, the powerful creature immediately attacked the Acolyte but was ultimately defeated. In accordance with Dashade tradition, he pledged loyalty to the one who had bested him, giving Khaetor a powerful servant and companion. He continued the task, defeating many droids in his path and even an ancient beast called a Terentatek before recovering the map.

Khaetor delivered the ancient map to Harkun, who had been arguing with Ffon about getting the map was impossible. The Overseer was quick to snatch the map out of Khaetor's hands and give it to Ffon just as Lord Zash appeared. Zash, seeing the map now in Ffon's hands but knowing it wasn't he who recovered it, asked him to tell the truth. Ffon, fearing the consequences of lying to a Sith Lord, told Zash the truth and she killed him with Force lightning, and instructing Khaetor, Harkun's last surviving charge, to meet her at her office. Khaetor complied and Lord Zash accepted the young Acolyte as her Sith apprentice, telling him to meet her next in the Empire's capital of Dromund Kaas, where her new apprentice could develop his skills. First, however, she gave Khaetor her old lightsaber as a gift.

Apprenticeship to Zash Edit

Young Zash

Darth Zash, Khaetor's Sith master.

While preparing to leave the Academy and travel to the capital, Khaetor was met by another Sith apprentice, Ortosin, who brought an ultimatum from his master, Darth Skotia, Zash's superior. Khaetor reluctantly refused and a duel ensued, in which Khaetor killed Ortosin and the two thugs that accompanied him. Khaetor then departed to the Imperial's Navy Headquarters, a massive space station called Vaiken Spacedock. There the Apprentice met Overseer Kryos who helped the new apprentice decide which path to take: the Sith sorcerer or the Sith assassin. Khaetor chose to walk the path of the Sith sorcerer, wanting to uncover the hidden mysteries of the Sith.

Defeating Darth Skotia Edit

Mindless... you don't know what Zash can do. Think—think of how many years she must have spent plotting my death. She will kill you. Just like... she's killed... me.
—Darth Skotia

On arrival to Dromund Kaas, Khaetor was received by Darth Skotia himself and his two Trandoshan bodyguards, who threatened the young Apprentice yet again, also telling him to warn Zash that he holds the key. After leaving the spaceport Khaetor completed several tasks assigned by Imperial officers who were having numerous troubles with slave rebels, deserters and the planet's own creatures.

Khaetor then reached Kaas City, the capital, and traveled to the Imperial Citadel where Zash awaited him at her office. Khaetor immediately told her about Skotia's warnings and she revealed her plan to have her apprentice assassinate the cyborg Dark Lord by first exploring his cybernetics weaknesses. She then told Khaetor that the first step was to discover what Skotia was hiding and sent him on a mission to investigate and extract information from Skotia's former slaves who had now rebelled.

Khaetor succeeded and then infiltrated Darth Skotia's bunker. There, Khaetor slew Skotia's guard including many Sith and even one Sith Lord, Ogathu, before retrieving a relic that controlled Skotia's Trandoshan bodyguards.

Khaetor then returned to the Citadel and gave the relic to Lord Zash. Zash, knowing controlling the Trandoshans wouldn't be enough to defeat Skotia, sent Khaetor on one more mission to retrieve a weapon that could destroy cybernetics noting that Skotia was mostly a cyborg and it would be effective against him. The weapon had been created by a scientist named Dorotsech who was being held captive by the rogue Sith Lord Grathan.

Khaetor infiltrated Grathan's base and after killing everyone that stood in his path, the young Sith discovered Dorotsech who gave Khaetor the weapon's location. Khaetor then retrieved the weapon but not without killing Dorotsech first, leaving no witnesses for what had happened in Grathan's estate. When Khaetor returned to Zash she decided her apprentice was ready and finally assigned the young Sith to kill Darth Skotia.

Skotia death

Khaetor brings Darth Skotia to his knees.

Khaetor met Darth Skotia yet again in his office, knowing that they needed to get close enough to use the anti-cyborg weapon, Khaetor used the Trandoshan relic to turn Skotia's bodyguards on him but Skotia easily killed them, stating that they were only for show. Darth Skotia then proceeded to attack Khaetor but the latter used the Cybernetics weapon on him. The weapon didn't kill Skotia but weakened him enough for the Apprentice to engage. The duel ensued and Khaetor was victorious after slaying Darth Skotia; with his dying breath, Skotia warned the Apprentice that Zash would turn on him too. As the cyborg collapses on the floor, Khaetor promised to face Zash when the time comes.

Khaetor then went to the cantina, where Lord Zash was contacted by Darth Thanaton who accused her of slaying Skotia. Zash, having a concrete alibi, refused such accusations and was promoted to the Darth title in front of her apprentice. Khaetor then returned to Skotia's -- now Zash's -- office, where Lords Kirnon and Calaverous were investigating the scene of the murder. Khaetor was asked of how Darth Zash had slain Skotia and Khaetor simply replied that he killed Skotia instead, knowing that the two Sith Lords wouldn't believe him.

The search for Tulak Hord's artifacts Edit

Eventually sent to the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas by Zash, Khaetor discovered ancient roots to a Sith Lord, a one-time friend and greatest enemy of the ancient Dark Lord Tulak Hord, Aloysius Kallig. The ghost of Kallig recognized Khaetor to be of his bloodline and the means to restore his family name to greatness. He warned the Inquisitor that the Sith play an endless game of treachery, a game his heir must win. He advises to beware the master and apprentice and never to be taken by surprise.

Also while at the temple, Khaetor found a relic of Tulak Hord captured millennia earlier by Kallig before his death. After learning of his ancestry and recovering the artifact, he ventured back to Darth Zash and learned that many other such artifacts were hidden around the galaxy. Khaetor was then given the task of finding these artifacts on Balmorra, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, and Alderaan.

Dark Temple infobox

Khaetor entered Aloysius Kallig's tomb inside the Dark Temple in search for an artifact.

Balmorra Edit

Darth Zash instructed Khaetor to recover an artifact sealed in Vault 305 on Balmorra. The contact on Balmorra was Major Bessiker. He and his assistant revealed that the vault was converted to a toxic waste storage facility and was overrun by colicoids. Khaetor had to synthesize a colicoid serum which provided immunity to the toxic waste inside Vault 305. The first step was searching the records of Balmorran scientists who engineered the colicoids to be resistant to the toxic waste and that allowed them to even feed on it. After learning the data that described how to create the serum, Khaetor had to find Iannos Tyrek, who was the only person with expertise to produce it. After Tyrek was brought back to base, Bessiker refused to produce the serum unless Khaetor first helped him free his son Hiran who was recently captured by the Republic. Khaetor didn't take the extortion lightly but eventually agreed to "help" him. When storming the prison on Gorinth Plateau, Hiran was found in one of the cells. He was a Sith himself and revealed that he obtained some sort of weapon. Khaetor wanted the weapon and killed the fellow Sith as a result. Upon returning to the base, Major Bessiker was furious and attacked Khaetor. The Apprentice was forced to kill the Major and promote his assistant to his position. The assistant ordered Tyrek to produce the serum which was used to give immunity to toxins inside the vault. As a result Khaetor successfully recovered the artifact.

Nar ShaddaaEdit

The third artifact was held by a Sith Lord named Paladius on Nar Shaddaa. Paladius manipulated and exploited the poverty of the Nar Shaddaa population to form a personal cult. Khaetor first met with Destris Veran and Rylee Dray, former followers of the cult who were promised to be given control of the cult in exchange for their assistance. Khaetor decided that best way to weaken Paladius was to draw his followers away from him. The first step was to build up his reputation by eliminating the notorious Krayt Gang leaders. The next step was to demonstrate Khaetor's "immense powers" to Paladius' followers which would sway them away from him. The plan was to produce quakes beneath the ground by an explosion. The detonator was obtained from Gron Mandel. After that, Khaetor showed up at Meridian Hall where Paladius rallied his followers and was giving them a speech by hologram. During the speech, Khaetor mocked Paladius and told the gathered followers to witness his own miraculous abilities, using the detonator to produce an enormous groundquake. The followers started to worship the Apprentice, despite Paladius' attempts to convince them that it was a fraud. Shortly afterwards, Paladius contacted Khaetor and offered the artifact in exchange of leaving him in control of the cult. They met in his headquarters where he tried a double-cross Khaetor by stripping him of the ability to use the Force. Nevertheless he was defeated in lightsaber combat. Khaetor then recovered the artifact and took over the control of his cult.

Kallig's CountenanceEdit

During the search for the artifacts, Kallig interrupted his descendant. He was suspicious of Zash's intentions and wanted Khaetor to be prepared. Recently, he discovered that his old Sith mask was in the possession of Lord Khreusis. He tasked Khaetor to recover it. Khaetor found Lord Khreusis on Korriban and slew him to take the mask as his own.

Andronikos Revel

Khaetor met Andronikos Revel on Tatooine.

The next artifact was in hands of pirates who found a refuge on Tatooine. Khaetor was tasked to find Andronikos Revel who was a leader of the pirate crew before his first mate Sylas Wilkes betrayed him and took his favorite blasters. Seeking revenge, Andronikos helped the apprentice find his old first mate through his former girlfriend Casey Rix, who was also part of the crew. They found out that Wilkes too was betrayed by the crew, who then took the artifact, as well as Andronikos' blasters, and went into the dune sea. Khaetor followed them and found logs which indicated that the pirate crew was driven insane by the artifact's power. The artifact was recovered from the body of one of the pirates. At that point, Andronikos joined Khaetor's crew.


The last artifact was in possession of House Organa on Alderaan. Khaetor met with Elana Thul who was helping him during the mission on Alderaan. By gathering some information, it was revealed that the artifact was secured in one of the Elysium vaults and the key to the vault was in the hands of Jedi Master Nomar Organa. By breaking into House Alde's library and searching through old records, Khaetor discovered that he and Rehanna of House Rist were once in love but Nomar cancelled the marriage to become a Jedi. Through manipulation, Khaetor managed to lure Normar into coming to Alderaan where he was killed. The key was taken from his body and the artifact was stolen from the Organas in the Elysium vaults.

Kallig's lightsaberEdit

Kallig contacted his descendant once again. This time he wanted him to claim his old lightsaber which was given to Jonas Escalus for keeping. The last descendant of Escalus at that time was Mila Escalus who was working on Nar Shaddaa. Khaetor tracked her down in one of the casinos. She revealed that her father gambled the lightsaber to a criminal named Gyl Rosen. Khaetor went to meet with Gyl but he refused to give away the lightsaber. He was then killed and the lightsaber was reclaimed by Kallig's descendant.

Zash's ritualEdit

Listen, apprentice. Various Force rituals have helped me maintain my appearance and some of my vitality. But inevitably, life fades. I'm dying, apprentice. My will, my intellect, my spirit are as lively as ever, but this body is dying.
—Darth Zash
Old Zash

Zash reveals her true form.

After acquiring all of Tulak Hord's artifacts, Darth Zash asked her apprentice Khaetor to return to the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas to begin the ritual.

Accompanied by Khem, Khaetor returned to the Dark Temple. He discovered that Zash had aged rapidly from increased exposure to the dark side, barely kept at bay by her rituals. Now, she sought to use Hord's artifacts to forcibly take her apprentice's body. But before she could complete the ritual, Khem interrupted. Though her body died, Zash's spirit wound up in Khem's body. Furious at Khaetor's betrayal, Zash threatened to use Khem to exact her revenge. However, Zash discovered that because of the Dashade's bond to his master, she too was bound to serve her own apprentice. Worse, she had to fight Khem for dominance of his body.

Shortly afterward, Darth Zash's other apprentices, Corrin and Kaal, arrived and noticed the body of their master. Kaal accused Khaetor of murdering Zash and attacked. Corrin quickly broke the fight and explained that Zash had a dream that consisted of Khaetor killing the master and would lead the Sith to glory. Zash's apprentices then dedicated their loyalty to the new Sith Lord and bowed.

Lord of the SithEdit

You are Lord Kallig now. It was once a glorious name, use it well.
—Aloysius Kallig
Behold, the heir of Kallig, slayer of Zash, successor of Tulak Hord, Lord of the Sith. Now, bow!
—Khem Val announcing the rise of Lord Kallig to Zash's followers

Force walkingEdit

Despite inheriting Zash's power base and the title of Sith Lord, the victory was not to last. Darth Thanaton, an emissary to the Dark Council and a staunch traditionalist, sent Lord Kallig into the tomb of Darth Andru, expecting his foe to become the deceased Sith Lord's latest victim. Only Aloysius's timely intervention prevented that. To gain more power to defeat Thanaton, Aloysius instructed Kallig to go to the tomb of the Sith Lord Ergast to learn the Force walk, a ritual that can bind Force ghosts and draw on their power. After binding both Ergast and Andru's spirits, Kallig returned to face Thanaton, but the Dark Lord still proved more powerful and seemingly killed him. Luckily, the two ghosts kept Kallig from dying and Zash's other former apprentices saved their new Master before Kallig's body was disposed of.


In search for power, Lord Kallig performed Force walk ritual to bind several ghosts across the galaxy.


Requiring more power before facing Thanaton, Kallig headed to Taris to find another ghost, Kalatosh Zavros. After acquiring the ghost, as well as a new apprentice named Ashara Zavros, Kallig picked up a distress call from Quesh, as Zash's apprentices had stolen the key to Thanaton's private meditation chamber. Kallig managed to gain the key but failed to save the apprentices. On Zash's suggestion, Kallig returned to Korriban to select a new apprentice, to maintain their standing in Sith society. Kallig chose to observe the latest slave group being handled by Harkun. Kallig had high hopes for the Kaleesh, whom Harkun called Xalek.


Kallig headed to Hoth after Andronikos Revel told him that there were rumors of a ghost on the frozen planet. After arriving on Hoth, Kallig met with Imperial Reclamation Service officer Talos Drellik. When the Sith Lord met him, Drellik was searching for a rumored hidden temple in The Bitter End. After encountering a force ghost of Horak-mul, who was using the body of an Ortolan, Kallig was ordered to desecrate the temple Talos Drellik had been looking for, a temple of Naga Sadow. Despite Drellik's pleas not to destroy everything in the temple, Kallig destroyed every last artifact. Approvingly, Horak-Mul told Kallig to find him in the Star of Coruscant, which had crashed in the Starship Graveyard. Refusing to sign a pact of blood with Horak-Mul, Kallig was attacked by Kaleesh assassins. However, Kallig proved too strong, and once he had overpowered the Kaleesh, Kallig bound Horak-Mul.

Confronting Darth ThanatonEdit

Kallig then returned to Dromund Kaas to face Thanaton in his private meditation chamber. He killed Thanaton's apprentice Rolan, but as the Lord turned to face Thanaton, the power of four ghosts suddenly went out of Kallig's control. His body started failing and the ghosts threatened to drive the young Sith insane.


Darth Thanaton, Lord Kallig's superior and arch-rival.

Locating a cureEdit

Invading Thanaton's private libraryEdit

After returning to the ship, Zash went on a search to find a cure for her master. She shortly realized that Thanaton made a switch to the journals of Darth Iratus and Darth Vilus as they had suffered similar problems. Kallig then invaded Thanaton's Private Library, used Force persuasion on the guard captain, and recovered the real journals. The Sith learned that Iratus went to Belsavis and Vilus to Voss to find a cure, but had failed in their search. As Zash and Ashara began researching the planets, Kallig went to Korriban to check up on Harkun. The overseer put his credits on a Gran acolyte, though Kallig still favored Xalek.


On Belsavis, Kallig retraced Iratus' steps in the attempt to heal the decaying body. There Kallig managed to find an ancient Rakata Mother Machine and, in exchange for Kallig's DNA, the Rakatan Warden Gorshaa, helped recreate Kallig's body so that he can withstand the physical strain of using the ghosts.

A new allyEdit

Upon returning to the ship, Kallig received a call from Moff Valion Pyron, who offered to ally with the young Sith against Thanaton. He explained that to win other Moffs to Kallig's cause, they need to prove that Kallig is more worthy of leading the Empire than Thanaton. His solution was a fleet-killing superweapon, codename Silencer, a project which Thanaton scrapped, claiming that the Force was superior to any new technology. What was left to complete the weapon was a CN-12 chip, which was constructed on Nar Shaddaa. He suggested that Kallig reach out to the Cult of the Screaming Blade, whose allegiance Kallig won during his time as Zash's apprentice, in hopes of obtaining the CN-12.

Returning to Nar Shaddaa, Kallig learned from the cultists that the CN-12 was being held by a trio of cyborgs called the Veil and they only wished to speak with the Sith. And so Kallig did meet with the Veil, who attempted to bargain the chip for control of the cult. Instead, Kallig used a mind trick to compel them to join the cult.

Kallig returned to his ship to report the success to Pyron, who then informed the Sith that Thanaton has ascended to the Dark Council, his predecessor dying under mysterious circumstances. This pleased Kallig, who knows that finally killing Thanaton will also earn his seat. Pyron added that the Dark Council shouldn't know and warned that the other Moffs may not be so eager to oppose a Dark Councilor. Kallig then asked Pyron as to his motives for opposing Thanaton. The Moff stated Sith tradition has held the Empire from crushing the Republic and he believes that Kallig would be far more suited to accomplish this than Thanaton. As Pyron signed off, promising to complete the Silencer, Ashara approached Kallig, reminding her Master that they cannot face Thanaton with the ghosts out of control and suggested they go to Voss.

Mysteries of VossEdit


The heir of Kallig went to a newly discovered planet Voss in search of cure.

Though Kallig's body was fixed, the young Sith's mind was not. Upon docking at the Voss space station, the ghosts began mocking Kallig for thinking that an imaginary ritual could subdue them. Ignoring them, Kallig listened to Zash describing the planet Voss. It was apparently a utopia, ruled by the Voss Mystics, who perceive the Force as a conduit of healing and visions. Healing rituals were rare and often forbidden. But before Zash could explain more, Khem regained control. Kallig then decided to meet with an Imperial emissary, Athelis Kallis in Voss-Ka.

Upon boarding the station to get transport to the surface, Kallig was approached by a Voss emissary named Sor-Nak, who said that the Mystic Alor-Wan had foreseen that Kallig would destroy the Voss way of life and demanded that the Sith Lord turn back. Kallig refused to turn back after so much hardship, so Sor-Nak left, saying that Alor-Wan has seen that he will not use force and promises that he will find another means of persuasion.

Kallig met with Kallis and her partner, Rul Jophen, at the Imperial embassy. After being advised to avoid upsetting the Voss, Kallig elaborated on his mission to Kallis, who suggested that the Sith Lord seek out the outcast dream-walker cult.

Kallig later arrived at the cult's enclave and, with the permission of their leader, Asa-Ku, undertook his initiation ritual in order to learn their mind-healing ritual. The ritual caused Kallig to go into the dream world, where the ghosts masqueraded as familiar people in Kallig's life, whom the Sith Lord had to fight. Upon returning to the waking world, Asa-Ku told Kallig to go to the Shrine of Healing, providing an insignia that would grant the Sith Lord entry into the cult's chambers where the mind-healing ritual could be learned.

Upon entering the Shrine, Kallig was addressed by a disembodied voice, another Force ghost, this time a Voss called Mar-Da, who was the first and last dream-walker, who stated that the mind-healing ritual was forbidden. As punishment for the ghost's defiance, Kallig bound Mar-Da and forced him to reveal that a dream-rock in the Nightmare Lands could defeat the ghosts bound to Kallig by turning them to flesh and blood, but only a Gormak could use it.

Subsequently, Kallig received a holocall from Kallis, announcing that pair of Voss commandos were tearing apart her office. After returning to Voss-Ka and disposing of the interlopers, Kallig then had Kallis consult her research, confirming that the closest the Gormak had to Force-users were dream-walking shamans.

Journeying into Gorma-Koss, Kallig used dream-walking to communicate with a sympathetic Gormak named Hadrik, who was tired of the fighting between Voss and Gormak. As the shaman was imprisoned by the Gormak king, Jokull, for speaking out against him, Kallig rescued him in reality. Hadrik agreed to perform the ritual in exchange for passage offworld. They then traveled into the Nightmare Lands and dream-walk, where they found the dream-rock, containing the spirit of a Voss named Dal-Rin. Dal-Rin instructed Hadrik to use the rock on the "ghosts", whom he referred to nightmares, defeat the ghosts before Kallig uses the rock to heal his own mind. The pair proceeded to use the rock to strip away the ghosts' disguises and besting them in combat one-by-one. Once all the ghosts are defeated, Kallig used the rock and was healed.

Upon returning to the space station, Kallig and Hadrik found Sor-Nak waiting for them, who declares that by taking a Gormak off Voss, his people will reject the Empire. To preserve Imperial interests, Kallig used a mind trick to make Sor-Nak forget Hadrik.

The Second ApprenticeEdit

Harkun then contacted Kallig that the slave acolytes were in their final trial. Returning to Korriban to await the acolytes during their final trial, Kallig maintained high hopes for Xalek. At first, the Twi'lek, Seferiss, arrived with a tablet in hand. But then Xalek turned up and killed Seferiss. This blatant disregard for Sith tradition upset Harkun, who decides to pass up Xalek for the next group. However, Kallig decided to make an exception for Xalek and took him as his apprentice. Harkun reluctantly complied to his superior's decision but warned him that Thanaton would learn of this defiance.

Testing the SilencerEdit

Kallig then rendezvoused with Pyron's flagship, the Doombringer, on which the Silencer was mounted. Arriving on the bridge, Pyron proclaimed to Moffs Dolus and Graham that Kallig is the future of the Empire. Dolus expressed hesitancy to ally with Kallig, fearing that Thanaton will have their heads. Graham, on the other hand, was willing to whittle away the ancient Sith traditions which had yet to win them the war. Kallig promised that Thanaton will be dead soon, but Dolus said he would not be moved until that happens.


Test of the Silencer.

Pyron ordered Dolus to be silent, as the Doombringer jumped into hyperspace and Pyron explained their plan to use the Silencer. They then emerged out of hyperspace as a lone Harrower-class dreadnought was fighting off a small Republic fleet, which they would target with their superweapon as a test. He then turned to Kallig, who gave a speech to the Moffs about how the Empire must change if they are to win the war. But as they ready the Silencer to fire, they received a distress call from Darth Achelon of the Carnage, requesting immediate aid. Graham identified Achelon as a minion of Thanaton and advised firing the Silencer at him. Dolus warned that purposely firing on an Imperial vessel was as good as treason. Pyron argued that the Republic would destroy the Carnage and not using the Silencer will result in their destruction too but deferred command to Kallig.

Therefore, Kallig chose not to aid Achelon and fired the Silencer, destroying Achelon's ship and the Republic fleet. Impressed, Dolus and Graham agreed to an alliance with Kallig. In turn, Kallig instructed Pyron to see that their new allies receive a Silencer for their capital ships.

Final confrontationEdit

By order of the Dark Council and in light of your reputation as a master of the dark side, you are now Darth Nox.
Darth Marr

Thanaton soon called for a Kaggath on Corellia, an opportunity for one another to silence their foe once and for all. Thanaton put many resources to shutting down Kallig's base of operations and fought the lower-level Sith Lord as much as the Republic defenders. Kallig still managed to get ahead using knowledge and power to avert disaster.

Thanaton finally challenged Kallig to a duel on Corellia, but when it became apparent that he would lose, Thanaton fled to Korriban to plead to the Dark Council for the former slave's execution. Unfortunately for Thanaton, the Sith Lord interrupted his speech before he could convince anyone. Curious to see why Thanaton was unable to destroy Kallig himself, the Dark Council allowed the two to duel again in front of them.

Thanaton sumbits-SWTOR

Thanaton submits to his rival.

After one last struggle, Kallig proved the stronger Sith and unleashed the power of the Force ghosts to overcome Thanaton's Lightning Storm and bring Thanaton to his knees with the power of the Force. Beaten, Thanaton crawled to his fellow Dark Councilors, seeking their aid, but Darth Mortis reached out with the Force and snapped Thanaton's neck, killing him instantly. With Thanaton's seat on the Council now open, Mortis offered his position to the young Sith. Darth Ravage protested, stating that Kallig, as merely a Lord, could not sit on the Dark Council, but Darth Marr silenced his protests, stating that Kallig had earned the right. In light of the reputation earned as a dark side master, Marr bestowed Lord Kallig with the title of Darth Nox, head of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge, one of the twelve power-bases of the Sith Empire.

Afterwards, the newly christened Darth Nox returned to Dromund Kaas to enforce dominion upon those formerly of the Sphere under Darth Thanaton and gain their allegiance. As soon as they were all dismissed, the ghosts pleaded to be freed, but Nox chose to keep them under bondage.

Quest for immortality Edit

Darth Nox, now a feared and respected Dark Lord of the Sith, continued to head the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge during and after Revan's return and the Eternal Empire's conquest. One of his most famous victories was with winning the Battle of Corellia alongside fellow Dark Councilor, Darth Decimus. Nox also aided the Empire in the defeat of Darth Malgus above the planet Ilum.

In his later years, Nox turned his attention to achieving immortal life. Having witnessed Emperor Vitiate's immense power as a result from a powerful Force ritual on Nathema first hand, Nox returned to Voss and sought to seek an audience with the Voss Mystics once again. Nox spoke to one of the mystics and asked them to tell him his future. The mystic revealed that Nox's was bound to die and that he would soon fall to a Togruta Jedi Master. The exact time and location of Nox's death, the mystic did not reveal. After hearing the prophecy, Nox immediately assembled all of his resources and went on a quest to achieve immortal life.

Nox first investigated the events that lead to the Ritual of Nathema, the infamous ritual that made the Sith Emperor immortal approximately two thousand years ago. Nox traveled to the barren wastelands of Nathema in hopes of finding clues to how Vitiate achieved immortality.

Eventually, Nox discovered that Vitiate performed an ancient and long-forgotten Dark side ritual known as "Qâzoi Kyantuska, or "Suppress Thought". A form of Sith sorcery that involved corrupting or influencing the minds of others. Nox turned to his apprentice, the newly christened Sith Lord Darth Xalek and commanded him to collect slaves, prisoners, and captive Jedi all over the galaxy and to bring them to the remote moon of Mustafar.

As a result of deep immersion in the Dark side, Nox's body began to deteriorate rapidly. He appeared as a gangrenous old man with deep wrinkles and glowing red eyes. Nox contacted Darth Acharon, the Dark Councilor heading the Sphere of Biotic Science, and requested him to engineer a complicated exoskeleton that prolonged Nox's life slightly and kept his rapidly aged-body from deteriorating any further.

Mustafar DB

Mustafar, after its destruction by Lord Sithis

Eventually, Nox summoned all of his servants and the captured Jedi his apprentice Xalek hunted to Mustafar. In one swift act, Nox initiated the Qâzoi Kyantuska and began absorbing the life force of the entire world, stripping the Force from the very fabric of reality on Mustafar and gaining both unimaginable power and immortality as a result. At that moment, the man shed his identity as Darth Nox and became Lord Sithis, a figure of immense power and terror in the eyes of the galaxy.

News of Mustafar's destruction spread quickly. The Republic were one of the first to respond to the tragedy. The Empire followed, suggesting that Nox had gone rogue and that he single-handedly wiped out all members of the Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge. Empress Acina declared Nox as an outlaw, and an enemy to the Empire. The Voss nicknamed Sithis "Psijii", in Voss tongue roughly translating to "Great Devourer".

First fall from domination Edit

Ch'vyalthan vs sithis

Master Ch'vyalthan battles Lord Sithis.

After a long search, the Republic discovered that Lord Sithis was hiding inside the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas and was corrupting the living and the dead who made their sanctuaries there. A small Jedi strike team, led by the esteemed and wise Jedi Master Ch'vyalthan, invaded the Temple in hopes of destroying the rogue Dark Lord. Ch'vyalthan and his Jedi approached a meditating Sithis, sitting in front of his ancestor, Aloysius Kallig's, sarcophagus. Sithis, who had already sensed the Jedi's presence, admitted that he was ready to die. After a long duel, Sithis eliminated the other Jedi accompanying Ch'vyalthan, and nearing the end of the duel, the Jedi Master killed the Dark Lord by spearing him with his double-bladed lightsaber.

While Sithis was dying, he laughed and mocked the Jedi Master, revealing that he had been consuming so much life and power that he succeeded in "loosening" his spirit from his body. Following his death, Sithis' specter broke free from his body and began to attack the Jedi Master. The other Force entities Sithis consumed years ago, Horak-mul, Ergast, Darth Andru, and Kalatosh Zavros, also broke free from their bounds and accompanied Sithis' spirit in attacking the Jedi. Ch'vyalthan managed to fight them off but was badly injured in the process. With Sithis' body dead, and his spirit dormant, the Jedi were convinced that the Dark Lord was destroyed for good.

Personality and traits Edit

Principles! What principles are those? Flagrant murder of a master, destruction of Imperial property, mockery of tradition? Your very existence is an affront to principle, and your refusal to submit to Sith tradition only makes things worse.
—Darth Thanaton to Darth Nox

Manipulative, cunning and ambitious, Sithis used treachery to break both allies and enemies. An example of Nox's manipulation mastery was when he successfully manipulated Ashara Zavros into opening a Sith holocron that began her transition into a Dark Jedi, her abandonment of the Jedi Order and her choice to become Sthis's follower. Sithis delved deep into experimenting with long forbidden powers and didn't hesitate to develop dangerous yet scientifically advanced weapons of mass destruction in order to increase influence and seize authority. This shows that Sithis wasn't afraid to defy tradition, believing that the Sith Empire had to change methods and tactics to achieve victory, which made him a dangerous and hated enemy not only to traditionalists like Darth Thanaton but also to the Jedi and the Republic.

Sithis took great pleasure in the feeling of subterfuge during his political maneuverings, the very suffering of others and would often torture weak minions, prisoners and opponents for simple amusement. The Dark Lord electrocuted those who were defiant, and took joy in the feeling of being powerful, dominant, and feared. However, the Sith Lord also knew to control and restrain himself in doing so if the situation called for it. Sithis also did not take kindly when being talked down to because of their history as a former slave or their quick rise to power, yet this same history and power did impress some like Darth Decimus, the feared Dread Masters.

Even though Sithis was corrupted, the Dark Lord also showed respect to some individuals and cultures such as his apprentice Xivhkalrainik. When Xivhkalrainik told Sithis of his culture, he showed interest in it and asked questions about the culture. As such, Sithis cared little about one's standing in terms of one's species, valuing and respecting those who were useful and loyal to the young Sith Lord and to the Empire, a trait that was rare in the Sith Empire and was shared by Darth Nox's ally, Darth Marr.

Despite Sithis amoral nature and ambition to achieve power, Darth Marr and others note that while the Dark Lord's methods were unorthodox, they serve the Empire's interests, not just Sithis's. As stated by Darth Marr, he "serves the Empire in his own way" and has done far more than any other member of the Dark Council would have done in Sithis's time on the Council.

Powers and abilities Edit

From slavery rises the most powerful Sith in generations. Darth Thanaton is right to fear you.
Darth Decimus to Darth Nox
Nox drains life

Darth Nox uses Force drain

An immensely powerful Sith sorcerer, Sithis was able to channel the Force and adapt it in ways that suited a variety of needs, including subduing, stunning or killing of foes. Sithis was also an astonishingly proficient user of Force lightning. The Dark Lord was a proficient lightsaber duelist, utilizing either a standard lightsaber or, albeit rarely, a double-bladed lightsaber in combat.

Proof of Sithis's power was demonstrated when Khem Val, the former servant of Tulak Hord, became one of his companions despite many powerful Dark Lords avoiding Khem Val while imprisoned in stasis due to the Dashade's Force immunity and record for killing and devouring even some of the most powerful Force-sensitives.

The immediate aspiration for the young, powerful Sith apprentice and eventually Sith Lord was his ascension to the Dark Council. Sithis's strength in the dark side was enough to completely overpower a Dark Council member of Darth Thanaton's caliber. During their duel with Thanaton, Sithis demonstrated the ability to use Force deflection to fend off Force lightning, such as when he effortlessly swatted aside Thanaton's lightning attacks. Telekinesis was among the Dark Lord's talents, such as when Nox threw Thanaton clear across the Dark Council chamber. Nox's telekinesis was also able to halt Darth Thanaton's lightsaber strike and force the experienced Sith Lord to his knees.

Lord Sithis was immensely proficient in the "innate gift" of Sith Sorcery, particularly the long forgotten Force walk ritual to draw strength from multiple Sith spirits in order to explosively augment their power in the dark side. Their tremendously increased powers through the use of Force Walk was enough to overpower a Sith Lord as strong as Darth Thanaton. As explained by Aloysius Kallig, Sithis had a rare "pull among ghosts", enabling them to sense Sithis's presence from a distance and invoke long hidden emotions. Sithis was also a proficient user of the Force Storm, using it in combat against a variety of enemies and attackers. The Dark Lord was also capable of using Force drain and used it to drain opponents while invigorating himself and his allies.

Much like Darth Niyvius, Sithis, in his youth, was extraordinarily strong willed, as the young Sith was able to resist the spirits' attempts to drive the him mad, the fear-inducing powers of the Dread Masters, and even the dominating abilities of the Sith Emperor himself.

Behind the scenesEdit

This article represents SharkyBytesz's version of the character story of the Sith Inquisitor player class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a video game from LucasArts and BioWare. As a result of being player determined, no canonical description of this individual is currently available; therefore, this article presents the subject's gender as male, as it was the gender chosen by SharkyBytesz during his playthrough of the game. When being given the choice of advancing to Sith assassin or Sith sorcerer, it is up to the player to decide. The default species options for Kallig are Human, Cyborg, Zabrak, Sith Pureblood, Twi'lek (the only Imperial class this species is available for), and Rattataki. Kallig will face anti-alien prejudice if not a Human, Cyborg, or Sith Pureblood, but this has minimal impact on the storyline.

The male Kallig is voiced by Euan Morton while the female Kallig is voiced by Xanthe Elbrick.

Darth titleEdit

At the end of the main storyline for the Sith Inquisitor class, which culminates in the player defeating Darth Thanaton, the player is granted the title of Darth by Darth Marr. The name accompanying the title is based on the player's alignment: If the player has a reputation as a master of the dark side, they are called Darth Nox; an "inscrutable reputation" (neutral) results in Darth Occlus; a reputation for serving the Empire (light side) marks the player as Darth Imperius. Regardless of which title is granted for the storyline, the Darth title precedes the character's chosen name should the player choose to display it as their in-game title. The Inquisitor will generally be referred to as "Dark Lord", and occasionally by the name granted by Darth Marr, in dialogue. If the player starts the Sith Inquisitor class at level 60 and skips the preceding story quests, they will automatically be referred to as Darth Imperius.

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