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Sith of Octil
Organizational information
Title of leader

High Sith Lord

Governing body

Council of 3

Other positions
  • Sith Lord
  • Sith Knight
  • Sith Apprentice


Official language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard

Affiliated organizations

Octil Empire

Holy text(s)

Octil Code


The Force

Notable locations/temples

Sith Temple of Dagobah

  • Sith Trials
  • Cremation ceremony
Historical information
Date of founding

139 ABY

Planet of founding



Darth Octil

Date of collapse(s)

367 ABY

Other information
Notable members
  • Darth Octil
  • Darth Uldion

The Sith of Octil was a Sith order founded by Sith Lord Darth Octil. Octil created the order to carry out his dreams about the future and give him a place to belong to. He needed a place that would hold his beliefs. It had 2 ultimate goals giving it reason for existence at all. The first goal was to destroy all other religious orders, especially One Sith and the New Jedi Order. Their other goal was to conquer the galaxy. Darth Octil’s lust for absolute power was obvious, having hundreds of Sith apprentices in his time. After his death in 151 ABY however, the Sith of Octil grew exponentially, having over 2 thousand members by 160 ABY.

The order reached its height in 350 ABY when they had over 50,000 members and controlled thousands of star systems. Soon afterwards though they rebelled against each other causing a civil war that would ultimately destroy them. The few survivors were either wiped out in other wars or left their old Sith lives behind. The Sith of Octil had completely diminished by 367 ABY. Their mark on the galaxy would last for centuries, as the Jedi and Sith rebuilt and the other inhabitants of the galaxy were plunged into continuous war.

Origin Edit

The Sith of Octil was created 2 years after Darth Octil abandoned One Sith. He needed to get back at the Jedi for his exile in 115 ABY and One Sith for following Darth Wyyrlok. He spent his time planning his revenge, generating ideas for his order. In 139 ABY he set to work creating the order. His first stop was on Korriban where he sought out Dark Jedi. After attaining all that he could find he traveled to Nonderan to recruit any natives furious about polluting colonizers.

He successfully recruited many to his cause and sent some Dark Jedi out to bring more to his cause. He told them to come to Dagobah when they had finished, for the swamp planet would soon become their capitol. His revenge was swift, hunting the New Jedi Order and bombarding One Sith every chance he had. The Sith of Octil triumphed over their enemies with their sheer numbers and determination. As their success grew more came to Darth Octil’s cause. He soon had an empire growing around him, ready for him to lead it. His rise to power was complete. The Sith of Octil had been formed.

Council of 3 Edit

The order needed a governing body and Darth Octil knew that very well. To solve this issue he gathered the 2 strongest Sith and together the 3 made the Council of 3. Each member of the council had a different job. The High Sith Lord controlled the military, the Grand Sith Lord controlled diplomacy and the Great Sith Lord controlled the economy. The council members as a whole discussed anything not falling under those 3 basic categories. If any decisions conflicted with each other the High Sith Lord made the final choice. The installment of the Council of 3 in the Sith of Octil came in 140 ABY and lasted until 353 ABY. Overall, the Council of 3 was an absolute success in the eyes of its founder Darth Octil. He believed it served its purpose in the galaxy.

The Octil Civil War and AftermathEdit

Eventually the seeds of corruption sprouted into rebellion, as in 351 ABY the Sith of Octil split in half and was locked in a civil war. The loyalists stayed in the Sith of Octil as rebels left it and joined together to overthrow their enemy. The rebels led an attack on the Sith temple on Dagobah to kill off as much as they could. All rebels attacking there were killed as well as a few hundred loyalists. The Sith of Octil’s retaliation was imminent and murderous. They laid siege to the rebel base on Mustafar for 5 days, killing hundreds.


The Octil Civil War

5 days into the siege of Mustafar the Sith of Octil finally got into the base. Ships and cannons were ordered to stop firing while the loyalist soldiers infiltrated enemy lines. The rebels however had a home field advantage. As the loyalists ran through the main hallway tanks of lava exploded, killing the entire first wave. Then the loyalists regrouped went down a second hallway where they met with over a hundred rebels. The battle was fierce but in the end the Sith of Octil had to retreat. A force field was put up to stop any loyalists already in the base from escaping. Trapped, they fought to the death as the rest of the Sith of Octil’s forces retreated.

Battles soon followed this but none were as horrifying as those 2. The next major battle would be on Nonderan in 352 ABY, where rebel Sith created an outpost to use as a choke point. Knowing this, the Council of 3 ordered 500 Sith to attack before the choke point was
Mustafar hell

The battle of Mustafar

operational. The Sith of Octil surrounded the rebels with cannons and ships to bombard from the atmosphere. Rebel ships however started to assault the loyalist ships, rendering them unable to bombard the ground. The Sith of Octil used their cannons to bombard although it wasn’t as effective as the cannons and ships would have been. After a day they seized fire and entered the outpost to kill any survivors. They succeeded in killing all rebels in the outpost and took the planet as their own.

As the Octil Empire attacked the rebels the empire was open to attack from all other empires. Stretched too thin, the Sith of Octil weren’t powerful enough to defend their own territories. In 353 ABY only a few hundred star systems remained under the control of the 750 surviving Sith. When their capitol Dagobah was attacked and the Octil mpire destroyed, only 48 members of the Sith of Octil remained. The few who remained either grouped together, left their Sith lives behind or were killed later on. The 11 who grouped together and became the Octil Remnant survived until 367 ABY when they were discovered and killed. As of that point, the Sith of Octil was no more.

List of Known Members Edit

Original Council of 3 Edit

Octil Remnant Edit

  • Darth Polesis
  • Darth Tjunn
  • Darth Beridd
  • Darth Sulliar
  • Darth Heirtek
  • Darth Olvemir
  • Darth Zachar
  • Darth Yolertia
  • Darth Eribon
  • Darth Ralcasius
  • Darth Djijjor

Other Notable Members Edit

  • Darth Xandu
  • Darth Kalyyl
  • Darth Anered
  • Darth Terlim
  • Darth Nubiar
  • Darth Vorlo
  • Darth Croron
  • Darth Sulliun
  • Darth Norvis

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