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This article is about Sith Knights. You may be looking for the similar canon subject, Imperial Knights.

The Sith Knights were the most experienced and most battle-hardened of the Sith Order of Decreto's military personnel. During the early years of the Sith Order of Decreto's history they were generally known by the less formal title of Decreton Knights; during the Sith Crusade they received the derogatory title of red coats thanks to the Darter'Ordeer.

Trained from an early age like the Jedi, the Sith Knights were brought up to be killers. It was molded into them that the galaxy was theirs for the taking, if they could muster the strength to go out and get it.

By the time of Darth Abeonis, who was considered the greatest of the Sith Knights by many, they were usually clad in blood red armor. But many preferred to ware their own robes, much like the Sith Lords.

Because "Sith Knight" was an official title, even those that had surpassed the rank of Sith Knight were still known, officially as Sith Knight.

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