Siske Guylos
Biographical information

Unknown Outer Rim world


9 ABY (approx)

Physical description





1.77 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

New Jedi Order era


None admitted to

Okay, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Easy way is you come with me. Hard way is we fight, there's a lot of blood, there's a lot of gore, a lot of pain, you dying and me taking back your rotting carcass for its bounty. Either is fine with me, but I'd prefer the hard way, 'kay?
—Siske on herself

Siske Guylos was a Force-sensitive mercenary with a penchant for violence and sarcasm.


Wow, yeah. Achieve true mastery of the Force through navel-gazing and not getting any. Thrilling.
—Siske on the Jedi Order

Siske was born sometime around 9 ABY on an Outer Rim world. her exact origins are unclear, but she has stated that the planet was "very boring" and that "you've never heard of it anyway." She managed to conceal her force-sensitive nature for most of her young life, having apparently swapped her records with somebody else to hide her capabilities. ("Officially, I have one of the lowest midichlorian counts for any human on record. There are pumpkins who are more force-sensitive.")

At some point she underwent formalized combat training, becoming proficient with a variety of weapons and combat styles. She turned to mercenary work, not wanting to be tied down to a single organization or allegiance. Seeing no appeal to becoming a Jedi ("boring") or following the Sith traditions ("over-rated") she preferred to use her force skills to enhance her own natural abilities and make her a stronger fighter.

From about 35 ABY she began to apparently focus on force-using opponents, specifically those following "dark side" traditions. After several minor incidents, Siske was hired to kill a pair of Dark-Side thugs on the planet Akar-Rae. After effortlessly dispatching the pair, she took their red lightsabers as her own weapons, making them a signature. ("Besides, twin red lightsabers makes you look both cool and scary")

In 35 ABY, she infiltrated a contest being held by Forjj Blackblade, a Dark Jedi. Waiting until his would-be apprentices had whittled each other down, she then stepped in and killed the last two survivors. Forjj was pleased with her performance, and offered her a place at his side. She agreed, which gave her the opportunity to get in close and kill him.

Thing is, if he thought he was a Sith Lord then why didn't he figure I'd do that?"
—Siske Guylos


Siske was tall for a human female, with a trim, athletic build. She has fair skin, shoulder-length light brown hair and somewhat unusual narrow yellow-green eyes. She typically wore an expression that could be alternately described as "smug" or "ready to attack". Eyes aside, she was not particularly unusual in appearance.

Typically she dressed in a form-fitting combat jumpsuit and jacket. Siske prefers darker colors for practicality and to allow her to blend in to her surroundings. When casual ("not killing people"), she preferred simple clothes and dark colors. It may be fashionable, but she claimed that it's "because the bloodstains don't show up."


Yeah, I'm not nice. Not... evil, just not nice.
—Siske on herself

A self-professed "not nice person", Siske seemed to take great delight in the misfortunes of others. Dripping in sarcasm, she enjoyed putting down or insulting those around her, especially her opponents. Outwardly, at least, she seemed to have no respect for anyone, regardless of station or situation. If needs be, she could play at being polite, especially if an assignment demanded it.

Her greatest pleasure, however, was combat. It is in the midst of battle that she was at her most determined, most alive. She lives for a challenge, enjoying the thrill of facing off with a more powerful opponent. If anything, she seemed to drive herself to find tougher opponents to confront, if only just to see what she could handle. Siske could be cold, ruthless and determined when she needed to be, very independent and willful.

On the positive side, she was kind to children and small animals.


Siske Guylos wearing "a very ugly hat" (her words)


Okay, I have two red lightsabers. I had to take them from their previous owners. They didn't give them willingly. Think about it.
—Siske on her weapons of choice

Siske had always preferred to wield two weapons at once; both due to the effectiveness of the style and as a way to show off her skills. She typically carried a pair of blaster pistols; the models have varied, but she had a preference for the Model 434 blaster for its "sheer overkill value".

Initially, she carried a pair of vibroblades as back-up weapons. Matters changed after she acquired her lightsabers (the actual origins of the weapons in question is unclear. Certainly the two marauders she took them from didn't make them); the sabers became her primary weapons, adjusting her combat style to focus more on melee combat.

At some point she acquired an E-Wing starfighter, as well as an R7 astromech droid. The droid is surprisingly sinister.

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