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There is something special about you that cultivates hope and inspiration on the battlefield. I’m not talking about your dedication or your superb flying skills, but rather your compassion for others.
—Rayne Steele

Sipher, born Conan Monti III, was a decorated Imperial soldier during the Second Galactic Civil War, and, later, a fugitive. Raised by his parents, Imperial Baron Conan Monti II and his wife Elya, Monti was raised in a cultured environment, where he was afforded the best educational opportunities. Monti entered in a military academy in his early adolescent years and had attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the age of seventeen. He served dutifully, demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility for his men. However, after a serious of events tarnished his promising military career, Monti was exiled from his native homeworld and, eventually, lost favor with his mother and father. Branded a traitor by the Empire, he went into hiding on the galactic capital of Coruscant. He survived the harshness of the undercity due in part to his previous military training, and managed to secure a living as a hacker and technology expert; however, in 44 ABY, he was sought after the very man who had cost him his prestige military career, Darth Caedus, and reluctantly recruited as a director of a secret splinter group that specialized in hunting fugitive Jedi.


Early life Edit

It was always do better or not good enough with him.
—Monti to Steele, referring to his father.

Sipher was born as Conan Monti III in 24 ABY to Baron Conan Monti II and his wife Elya, and was named for both his father and grandfather, who was an Imperial Moff during the Galactic Civil War. Conan Monti II had been a highly successful Imperial General in the Imperial Remnant and his mother was the heir to extremely wealthy Kuati family when they had met. They had a relationship for as long as two years, marrying in a private ceremony, before Monti impregnated Elya, who gave birth to a son. His father, who had been summoned back into service, begrudgingly turned down a commission to stay with his new family, claiming that his family was more important than his duty. However, less than a year after his birth, the elder Monti received a summons from his grandfather to return to Bastion; he obliged and returned to headquarters with his family. There, he discovered the existence of many secret Imperial centers such as the Empire of Hand, an Imperialist domain in the Unknown Regions dedicated to holding back the various aggressive species and states within, which was under the direction of General Baron Soontir Fel. When his father explained this to him, he became convinced that the Empire was not indeed “dead” as he originally thought, and became the director of the Imperial Center on Bastion. Elya joined him, and so the young Conan was raised on Bastion.


Conan prepares to leave for the Imperial Academy on Corulag.

In accordance with his father’s high ranking status as Baron, Conan was afforded special educational opportunities and other luxuries during his childhood. Growing up, Monti idolized Thrawn, a renowned master tactician and strategist, and his father as well. The elder Monti taught his son to be dutiful and loyal, and raised Conan as if he were nothing more than a soldier. He often spent his free time in his father’s study, where he read books containing information on ships and their mechanisms. Conan saw his father’s study as a place of knowledge but also as his secret hiding place, as it allowed him to “escape” the cultured environment he’d been bred in. When the elder Monti discovered what he’d been doing in his free time, he summoned the boy to headquarters, where he planned to put the boy’s knowledge to the test.

As he entered the institution, Conan approached his father, dressed in his Imperial uniform, and a group of cadets who were running training stimulations before his arrival. His father introduced him to the group and led him straight to the hangar bay, where a group of TIE fighters were docked. Upon seeing the ship, he knew what his father meant for him to do: to prove that he was ready to start his training. His father explained to them the purpose of the exercise and split the cadets, including Conan, into two squadrons. Leaving his father in the hangar, Monti and the other cadets entered their fighters and blasted into orbit. Though nervous, he was determined to prove to his father that he had just as much inane talent as the more experienced cadets; however, his erratic fighting style and undisciplined acts of attempted heroism cost his team heavily, and they ended up failing the simulation. Monti steadily put down his battered ship on the surface, and braced himself for a harsh reprimand from his father; instead, his father strolled right past him, which he took as a sign of tacit disapproval.

In 35 ABY, a few months after his eleventh birthday, Conan approached his father again and asked for a commission to the Imperial Academy on Corulag. He got it, and was immediately ferried to the institution. Conan did not really care for intellectual studies, but excelled nonetheless, taking advantage of educational opportunities afforded by the Galactic Empire's most elite academy. Besides the extracurricular activities, his favorite part of academic life was piloting. After failing to win his father’s recognition during their last session, Conan dedicated his time to training in TIE/ln starfighters and simulators until only a few cadets rivaled his skill. He studied their technical systems, learning to repair the starfighters as well as fly them. Conan quickly gained a reputation as a hotshot cadet, among the Academy's elite. He performed as well academically as he did in the cockpit and graduated from the Imperial Military Academy as valedictorian in 40 ABY.

Into the battlefield Edit

You’ll be flying straight into a maelstrom.”
” With all due respect, sir, that’s what I’ve been trained to do, nothing more.

—Baron Monti and his son

In that very same year, the Imperial Remnant received a transmission from General Turr Phennir, who had been leading the opposition against the Galactic Alliance, recalling all forces to active duty. His father sent a small task force of soldiers to aid Phennir’s forces. Phennir eagerly accepted the task force. They accompanied him to Coruscant, where they unexpectedly intervened to protect the extraction of two Imperial spies from the Alliance-occupied world. Conan opened contact with Phennir and told them that his team would take care of the enemy X-wings. His force quickly eliminated the fighters, impressing the Supreme Commander with their precise flying; for his part, Conan took satisfaction in saving the elite pilots of Phennir’s squadron.

Conan and his task force later returned to Bastion, where they reported their findings to his father. He’d been impressed with his son’s leadership during the mission and told him as such, but advised him not to get egoistical as the war was far from over. With that, his father dismissed the group and proceeded to open communications to Commenor, where the Confederation fleet was based. Conan, who had sensed that something was wrong, stayed behind and approached his father. He inquired of the latter’s health, fearing that he’d fallen ill. However, his father assured him that he was fine, but he expressed his uneasiness about the escalating war with the Galactic Alliance. He advised Conan to remain on Bastion until Phennir requested their aid; Conan obliged. In the meantime, he continued operations for the Imperial Remnant and was eventually promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

Conan wished to return to and aid the Confederation, rather than sit on the sidelines, but his father held him back until he heard that Phennir was captured by Darth Caedus during a surprise attack near Corellian Space. Once he got that news, the elder Monti called Conan into his office and charged his son with a rescue mission. He was excited to have the opportunity to return to the war and make a difference, but was a bit wary of meeting Caedus in combat. After studying holos of his space battles, Conan recruited his own squadron of elite pilots he dubbed the "Starlancer Squadron". He gathered the pilots in a meeting room located in Imperial Headquarters, and told them of his plan; using defoliator squadrons, a two-man group consisting of himself and another pilot would sneak onboard the Alliance flagship, the Anakin Solo, and rescue the Supreme Commander. When a couple of members confronted Conan with complaints about the plan, another pilot, Rayne Steele, defended him, calling it a tactical necessity and suggesting they look at it from a wider perspective. The young man felt something stir within him, but he quickly dismissed the feeling and turned his attention to the plan. After running several practice simulations, Monti and his squadron joined the Imperial fleet in orbit.

In the battle itself, the Confederation had been steadily losing the battle, having lost nearly two-thirds of their fleet. In accordance with the plan, the defoliator squadrons were the first to begin their attack run. Conan and Steele remained in orbit, hiding until the opportune moment came to begin their mission; however, they were detected enemy craft before the signal came. Surrounded on all sides, they had no choice but to fight there way out. Conan came up with an idea to clear an escape vector; he ordered Steele to launch her missiles and have them trail him as closely as possible, then blasted forward. As he predicated, the four-man group of X-wings changed their course, rushing to evade Conan and the missiles. He jinked through the swarm as he tried to rid himself of the missiles on his tail. Thinking quickly, he allowed for the first of the four missiles to graze the exterior of TIE fighter, and then reversed the thrusters, sending the ship into an erratic spin. The missiles mimicked the maneuver and careened off course, colliding into each other. With the missiles off of his tail, he rejoined Steele in orbit and followed her to the Anakin Solo.

Monti and Steele made their way through the maelstrom of ships and allowed themselves to be pulled in by the ship’s tractor beams. Upon setting down in the Anakin Solo’s hangar bay, the pair was met by a two Alliance officers. They were handcuffed and taken to the battle salon, where Caedus was waiting for him. Unbeknownst to them, the pair had allowed themselves to be captured; faking stomach pains, the group came to a halt in the corridor where the officers attempted to find out the cause of the pain. Using the momentary distraction, Steele pulled out a hidden sidearm and killed the two officers, then proceeded to free herself and Conan of the restraints. The two made their way to the detention, where they discovered Phennir lying face-down in one of the cells; standing over him was none other than Darth Caedus himself. Caedus stepped up to approach the two and stated that they were too late; Phennir had died shortly before they infiltrated the ship. Conan felt a sudden burst of anger flood into him and began approaching Caedus but, after seeing the look of blood thirst in his eyes, relented. He began to fear for himself and Steele, believing that the cold, merciless Caedus would kill them also. The Dark Lord, however, had other plans; he motioned for Conan and Steele to become his own personal spies. Conan remained silent, but Rayne insisted on protesting the idea. Caedus, clearly fed up with her reluctance, held out his free hand and in an instant Steele fell to the floor, holding onto her neck and grasping for air. Unable to bear the torture any longer, he yelled for Caedus to stop. Caedus obliged and released his grip on Steele. Conan rushed to her side and, after finding that she was still alive, agreed to Caedus’ offer.

After the discussion, he let Conan and Rayne escape with Phennir’s body. The two returned to Bastion, where a large funeral was held for the late General. Using his father’s status to get into the funeral, Conan found Steele and escorted her out of the reception area. They went down the hall to an empty conference room, where she asked him why he’d insisted on spying for a tyrant. He could only say that he wanted to save her life. She broke down into tears, claiming that if either of their fathers were to discover what they had done, they would be stripped of their rank and disowned by their families. Conan took her by the arms, told her that they’ll find a way to get out of deal, and kissed her. When they parted, Conan sent her back to the funeral and returned to his own quarters.

Fall from graceEdit

You are no longer a son of mine!
—Baron Monti to his son

As the war continued, the Confederation found itself surviving on a whim, having exhausted the last of their resources. His father, who had been aiding the organization, took over as its Supreme Commander and was immediately ferried to the Confederation base on Tallaani where the last of their shipyards stood. Knowing well that the shipyards were next on the Alliance’s list to be eradicated, Baron Monti recalled the fleet to the planet, where he planned to make his final stand. He explained to his men that final hour had come for the Confederation to end the war once and for all; his father presented the audience with a plan that he designed himself, dubbed Operation: Blind Hope. His strategy focused heavily on taking out the key players in the Alliance arsenal; with their leaders gone, he believed that the Confederation had a contingent chance of ending the war. The plan called for the Confederation to “surrender” to the Galactic Alliance willingly and settle the terms for a truce, which was a cover up for the real purpose of the plan: the assassination of Darth Caedus. After the discussion, Baron Teague dismissed the audience and hurried to the command center to start preparations.

Conan returned to his “quarters”, where he found Rayne waiting for him. She informed him that she had been assigned to the operation as part of an experimental bomber squadron, and wanted to see Conan off before returning to the command center. Rayne led him to an abandon room where they made love for the first time. After escorting her back to the command center, Conan received a holomessage from Darth Caedus, urging him to make contact. Finding a vacant room in the base, he pulled out his holopad and opened a secure link to the Anakin Solo. Within a few seconds, Caedus’ hologram appeared and inquired of the Confederation’s plan. For a moment or two, Conan remained silent, wondering if he should feed the Sith Lord misleading information or tell him what he needed to know. He consciously made his decision and pulled the microphone to his mouth; however, as he was about to speak, Conan heard a loud thump at the door, and he hastily closed the connection. He stepped outside of the room to find Steele and another officer, Crion Exel, waiting in the corridor. Seizing Rayne with one hand and using the other to hoist a blaster, Exel stated that the both of them were under arrest for planning a conspiracy against the Empire.

Exel led the both of them into the shipyards, where his father was running practice drills with the new recruits. Upon seeing Conan and Rayne in restraints, his father abruptly ended the drill and approached Exel. The young man responded to him in kind and handed him a datachip from his belt, while stating that the evidence spoke for itself. As the elder Monti watched the recording of his and Rayne’s conversation, his face fell aghast and he turned to face the boy. Conan attempted to clarify the situation, but his father wouldn’t have it; clearly angry at his son for wanting to associate with the Alliance, the elder Monti stated that he no longer had a son and ordered Exel to escort Conan and his “accomplice” to Bastion, where they were to await trial. Adhering to the Baron’s command, Exel brought Conan and Rayne aboard his personalized YZ-775 freighter, Celeste, and set off for Bastion.

Conan surmised that trip to Bastion would be longer than expected due to Alliance interference in the Corellian Sector. He did not mind however; as it allowed him enough time to think of an escape plan in the meantime. Conan could only imagine what Rayne was going through; her rank was the only thing that gave a sense of purpose, something that kept her going despite all of the bloodshed around her. He promised himself that when this was all over, he’d make it up to her somehow. Conan was interrupted from his thoughts when Crion entered his cell; the older man informed him that the ship had entered the Outlier systems and would be on Bastion relatively soon. Before leaving to attend to the ship’s controls, he warned the boy that if he should attempt an escape, he would not be held responsible for the consequences. Conan wasn’t afraid the threat and kept his composure. Once they reached Bastion, he would put his plan into motion.

He was awaken from his slumber by the jinking of the ship—a sign that the ship had begun it’s descent onto the surface. Pulling out a vibroblade that he had managed to pickpocket from Exel, Conan freed himself of his binders and quietly made his way to Rayne’s cell. He found her asleep on the durasteel floor and proceeded to wake her up. When she awoke, he freed her from her binders and told her that it was time to leave. They delved deeper into the ship’s interior until they came to a halt in the engine room. Conan gently advised Steele to escape on one of the two escape pods; however, she refused to leave and asked why he would face punishment for a crime he did not commit rather than run to safety with her. He could only say that it was his fault that they were even in a situation like this, and felt that she should not suffer for his mistake. After sharing a long embrace, Rayne entered the escape pod. No sooner than she did so, a furious Exel appeared and jolted Monti from behind. The two briefly fought for Crion’s sidearm until he managed to pry the weapon from Conan’s hands; he adjusted the weapon to kill and steadily raised it to Conan’s forehead. As he prepared to shoot, Steele exited the pod and ran to his aid. He reached out his hand to stop her but it was too late, she’d been struck by the bolt. Conan tried to revive her but she’d succumb to the fatally injury, dying in his arms. Exel fell to his knees, disbelieving of what he had just done. He tried to convince the young man that it had been an accident; in fact, it was an act he employed to scare the two into cooperating. Enraged, Conan lashed out at Crion and proceeded to kill him but, after seeing his reflection on the durasteel walls, relented. He gathered Rayne’s body and made his way to an escape pod, leaving the officer to grieve in private.


The more I hung around them, the more I began to think like a criminal.

The escape pod carrying Conan and the Steele’s lifeless body crash landed on Bastion’s surface. Being careful not to arouse any suspicions, he took the body to a secluded area in the hills, where he cremated her and buried her ashes in the soil. Conan remained at that very spot for hours, unwilling to move or eat, sinking into a deep depression that he just didn’t know how to break out of. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching the area. Conan surmised that they belonged to recruits who were running drills in the vicinity. He quickly gathered his meager belongings and silently made his way down to the Imperial Palace. As he approached the palace, Conan noticed that a massive crowd surrounded the entrance. He stepped closer to see what the fuss was all about and was surprised to see that it was a funeral for his father. Upon seeing his father in the casket, Conan was overcome with anguish and fell to the floor, sobbing. A passerby noticed him and offered to bring him to the funeral, thinking that Conan had been a soldier who served under him. Too depressed to think clearly, he obliged and allowed the stranger to lead him to the ceremony.

The hall had been eloquently decorated in hues of blue and white—an appropriate gesture for a man who dedicated his life to serving the Empire. Pulling the hood of his cloak closer to his face, he precariously walked up to his father’s casket. He could not believe that the man in the casket had once been his handsome, charming father. His face bore deep slashes and bluish-purple bruises, making him unrecognizable; however, as he scanned the body, Conan noticed that there was a ring on his right ring finger—the exact same ring that his father always wore to diplomatic functions and extravagant parties. Conan stood there disbelieving at what he had seen; he could only surmise that his murder had been Caedus’ doing after he’d had refused to tell him about the plan. Conan reached out to touch his father’s hand, but was stopped when a woman in the crowd shouted out his name. He recognized the voice as his mother’s and turned around. The guards, who were securing the entrance, ordered him to freeze and began making their way through the crowd. Quickly, Conan took the ring of his father’s finger and ran to the exit. The guards broke into a run; however, by the time they had reached the exit, Conan had already been gone. With Bastion security alerted to his presence, Conan was forced to make his escape on a cargo ship that had been nearby the vicinity. He took the ship to Coruscant, where he began a destitute existence as a smalltime thug in the planet’s undercity.

Nearly a week after his self imposed exile on Coruscant, the Galactic Alliance won the war, defeating the last of the Confederation remnants in the final battle above Roche. Darth Caedus was commended for his efforts and was made the Chief of State of the Alliance. After assuming power, he revealed his true identity to the entire galaxy and reconstructed the entire government. The Alliance soon became a tyrannical authority figure, much like the Empire of the old during the Galactic Civil War. Caedus, determined to rid the galaxy of “scum and villainy”, issued a crackdown on illegal activities. Anyone caught performing illegal acts were to be arrested and executed. To help with the process, the HoloNet issued mug shots of those suspected to be criminals. Fully aware of the bounty placed on his head by both the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant, Conan kept a low profile.

He had spent a total of four months in the under city of Coruscant, living like a castaway. In punishment, Conan was permanently exiled from his homeworld; even technical membership in his family was revoked. His and his family's shame and the complete destruction of what had been a promising military career infuriated him. For the first time in his life, Conan didn’t know what to do; if he could eliminate the Sith Lord, much of the dishonor lying on him would be alleviated and he would regain favor with the Imperial Remnant, but it seemed less likely to happen as Caedus had powers that he did not. After thinking it over, Conan came to the conclusion that he would never be able to return to his old life again; he would have to start anew as a criminal.

Conan decided to take up a career as a hacker, and worked under the employ of warring crime lords. He didn’t care much for the internal tension between the lords, but at the same time, Conan was astonished to learn that wars like these even existed in the galaxy. It gave him a better understanding of how the criminal underworld worked and taught him what he needed to do to ensure his own safety. By 44 ABY, he gained a notable reputation as a skillful hacker and technology expert; however, it made him more susceptible to the ever increasing death threats that he’d during the course of his career. As such, he often went under different aliases during his dealings with employers.

Betrayals and allegiances Edit

Misery and misfortune seem to favor me.
—Conan to Darth Caedus

While dining at a local bar one day, Conan met the acquaintance of a woman named Alexis. As they flirted by the bar, he noticed something was amiss about her, though, he felt an attraction to her nonetheless. After sharing simple pleasantries at the bar, Alexis took Conan back to her apartment in the Senate District. Conan carefully examined her apartment, unsure of what he was looking for. All of his instincts, honed by years in the military, were telling him that something was wrong. As Conan scanned the apartment, something caught his eye: hanging on the eastside wall of her living room was a small holo of a young woman. He stepped closer to get a better look, but was stopped by Alexis who had taken the time to change into regular house clothes. Alexis ignored his quizzical look and pulled him closer for a passionate kiss. She promised that after they were finished, she would tell him anything he wanted to know. Smiling faintly, Conan allowed Alexis to lead him down the hallways of rather diminutive apartment and into her room, where he relented to her romantic advances.

Conan awoke the next morning to find Alexis gone, along with his fake credentials and weapons. As he rushed to put on his clothes, he heard the sound of G.A.G troopers outside of the door, forcing their way into the apartment. Gathering the very last of his belongings, he found his way into a vacant room, where he hid until the soldiers came into the apartment. From the squeaking sounds omitted from the bottom of their boots, Conan surmised that there were at least four soldiers present in the apartment. Precariously, he stepped out of the closet and disarmed a soldier who was nearby. Seizing the soldier by his neck, he proceeded towards the exit. The others quickly turned around and steadied their weapons but, after seeing that their comrade’s life was in danger, held their fire. With the soldier caught in his hold, he cautiously stepped outside of the apartment; as he did so, he released his grip on the soldier and ran for the back exit.

He took a turbolift down to the parking lot, where he found Alexis waiting for him. Enraged, Conan asked what was the purpose of her little stunt and why did she want him dead so badly. Fingering the trigger on her blaster, Alexis stepped closer and offered him an explanation: she was exacting revenge for the murder of her younger sister, Rayne. Conan was taken aback by her revelation and tried to tell Alexis that he was not Rayne’s murderer, but was more than willing to direct her to the real culprit. He recounted to her what happened on that day, that she sacrificed her life to save his. Alexis, however, refused to listen to his reasoning and stunned him as he began approaching her. As he sank into unconsciousness, Alexis whispered “good riddance” in his ear before exiting the parking lot. Monti was later picked up by the G.A.G squad, and was carried off into a speeder headed for G.A.G headquarters.

Conan awoke to find himself in a maximum-security prison, located in the basement of the vicinity. As he struggled to regain his memory of what transpired that night, the doors of his cell opened to reveal Darth Caedus, the man who was responsible for his prolonged misery. Once his guards were out of earshot, Monti demanded to know why he was sought out by the Sith Lord, believing that Alexis had been an undercover agent working for the Alliance. Caedus, however, informed him that he’d never met a woman by the name of Alexis and insisted that it was merely a coincidence. Caedus went on to explain that he had been searching for him since the fiasco at Tallaani, hoping that Monti could provide him with his services once more. Conan eyed the Sith Lord angrily and motioned for any possible weapon at hand, however, Caedus was able to figure out his intentions and force pushed him into the nearest wall. As he struggle to get up, Caedus approached him and revealed to him that Rayne helped him orchestrate the Confederation’s fall at Tallaani. Unbelieving, Monti refuted his claim, stating that Rayne would never affiliate herself with a tyrant who concerned himself with his own selfish ends. Caedus, however, brushed off his statements and provided reasonable arguments to support his claim. When he saw that Monti still wasn’t convinced, he pulled out a small recording of a secret conversation between Rayne and himself. Upon hearing the recording, Monti was overcome with sadness and anger. Although he had known her for a relatively short time, Conan had felt a strong connection to Steele, and had hoped to pursue the possibility of a relationship once the war was resolved. He felt as though a vibroknife was lodged in his back and he fell to the floor sobbing. Leaving Monti to dwell in his self-pity, Caedus ordered the guards to keep watch over the latter and headed for the exit.

Finding a spot on the cool durasteel floor, Conan reached into his pocket and pulled out the bright blue ring that had belonged to his father. As he brandished the ring in a curious fashion, he thought about his father and what he’d do if he were in his position. Although his rough demeanor repulsed many, Baron Monti embodied a sense of courage and honor, traits he tried to instill in his son. His father had always been there to guide him, and had always advised him on the best course of action. As he continued to look at the ring, he thought to himself that he should have heeded his father’s words. He was interrupted from his thoughts when Caedus reappeared before him with a proposition, remarking that he would’ve informed him earlier had he not attacked him in a fit of rage. Propping himself up against the wall, Monti quickly put the ring in his pocket and gave the Sith Lord his undivided attention, albeit reluctantly.

Caedus began with a simple explanation of the growing tension between himself and the New Jedi Order, musing that the organization itself almost prevented him from winning the war. To that end, he had contemplated different methods on how best to eliminate them now that he was no longer distracted by warfare. Recalling their first meeting during the battle near Corellian Space, Caedus proposed that Monti, in exchange for erasing his criminal record, direct a subdivision of the Galactic Alliance Guard that would specialize in hunting fugitive Jedi.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Sipher is portrayed by actor Brian Austin Green.

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