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Today, I will fight for the Republic; tomorrow, I will win the battle for the Jedi.
—Silas Portrun
Smart ones do not always do the smart thing, It is the Wise ones that come out victourious.
—Silas Portrun

Silas Portrun was a Pantoran/Human hybrid Jedi Master and Jedi General during the Clone Wars. He commanded the squadron known as Raven Squadron. His known master was Oriuss Stealthgleam, and his known apprentices were Quik Silverrunner, Satar Hover and Swilla Shieldstun.

Portrun survived Order 66 with his friend, Padme Heart. They resided as bounty hunters. Silas returned during that time to his home planet of Orto Plutonia, where he had been born in 40 BBY. As the Rebels started to form and scored victories against the Empire, the Miko Jedi Master joined them. He then became a master on the new Jedi Council. There he met Luke Skywalker and returned to the Jedi ways. He later married Padme Heart and they had two children, the female Arya Portrun and the male Xhall Portrun, in 17 BBY. Later, around 1 ABY, Portrun's daughter turned on the Jedi Order and attacked her father, who was forced to kill her.

In 57 ABY, Portrun was told of a young Sith, known as Merra Notla, on Hoth. He and two other Jedi set out to kill her. When they got there, they immediately spotted her. After Notla killed the two other Jedi easily, the two combatants forced each other in battle to a large ledge. Portrun swung his blue lightsaber up to parry an attack, but Meera tricked him and stabbed him through the gut with her blood red lightsaber. Just before Master Portrun fell off, he scared the young Sith with his Miko lightning. He died in 57 ABY; his grandson, Celtic Portrun, found him and swore revenge on Meera Notla.


Early lifeEdit

At the year 39 BBY Silas was discovered by Master Eeth Koth on a mission on Pantora. Eeth brought the force adept Pantoran Human hybrid child to the temple. In the years Silas trained as a youngling he gained many friends, Adam Heart and his twin Padme Heart. Aswell as a Jedi Knight known as Oriuss Stealthgleam. In the years to come Oriuss selected Silas as his padawan learner. He went on many journeys with his master. Which included the Orto Plutonia mission, the Kashyyyk mission and many more life threatening adventures.

Clone WarsEdit

During the Clone Wars, Silas was with his master for the first few years on force squadron. He dealt with many crises, but won them in the end. Once Silas was dubbed a Jedi Knight he took on the role of creating a squad and picking an apprentice. Silas picked his first apprentice Quik Silverrunner and made Flash squadron. He in the next two weeks embarked on a mission to the Umbara system were his apprentice revealed that he was being taught the dark ways by Aurra Darkrider. Later he choose his second apprentice Satar Hover. He and his new apprentice went to Aleen to settle a droid invasion. There his squadron was completely destroyed except for his apprentice Satar, Sandwield, Mega Rage and himself. As raven squadron was in the making Silas's life was threatened but Satar saved him as a bounty hunter tried to snipe him. Though Satar used his life to save his master. Soka WaBroder was chosen he had her until she became a Jedi Knight. Silas then picked Swilla Shieldstun a Twi'lek, picked by Silas to be his new apprentice while he had his old apprentice Soka for three more weeks. The new Raven squadron went through many battles one included war the great battle of Raxus Prime until Order 66, when the Clone Ears ended.

Battle of UmbaraEdit

SouthernFront-Battleof Umbara

Southern front of the Battle of Umbara

The battle of Umbara was were Silas suffered the loss of his padawan Quik. The battle was waged between the Umbarans and two clone squadrons; raven squadron and heart squadron. There they also discovered the betrayal of Aurra Darkrider. Silas lost nearly his whole squadron as the Umbarans were a strong threat. Silas lead into a Umbaran base and the grand Republic later took control of two hours later. During the battle a mysterious dark Jedi appeared and helped Quik escape after Silas slaughtered Aurra.

Battle of AleenEdit

Here was the battle that devastated the squadron known as Flash squadron. The General Silas Portrun was holding off the separatist forces until the captain known as Kessel lost his small group and himself. The droids broke into the small Aleen town were Flash squadron was harbored. The droids forced the small group into a circular formation. As as the droids surrounded them the droids took fire. Silas forced Satar over the pile. Satar was able to find a ship he flew in and saved his injured master and the last clones; Sandwield and Mega Rage.

Battle of RylothEdit

This was the epic battle of Ryloth. Here Silas and Soka as well as his fourth and final apprentice were with there new squad to assist and get supplies to the clone troopers in the battle. On there way to the landing site there ship the Glade was shot down and crashed in the middle of no where. They fought there way to a droid base. Were they destroyed the droids that remained there. They were able to contact other squadrons and they came to get them out of there. The squadron then assisted with the battle. In the weeks to come they took over yet another part of Ryloth.

Battle of IridoniaEdit


Battle of Iridonia.

Only Silas and his young Twi'lek apprentice only went on this mission to find were Silas's former master had gone missing along with his squad. Silas and Swilla were able to find the squadron all dead. None were shot but killed all by a lightsaber. The two Jedi found information from the locals. They were able to discover Savage Opress was on the planet. Days later they found the Jedi Master, dead. Silas was able to find out how from a bystander. Silas took his former master to the temple and he was cremated.

Battle of Nar ShaddaaEdit

The battle of Nar Shaddaa was where Silas was on a mission with his squad to defeat a battalion of droids. The squadron was able to take the upper hand of the battle. He was shot by a B2 battle droid. He lost his arm and later lost the battle and was forced to leave the planet.

Battle of Raxus PrimeEdit

Dark Army Fort Entrance

Silas at the Sith temple.

The junk world was were Raven squadron served for the last time in the Clone Wars. They were in a fierce battle against each other in trenches. Silas was able to deflect a shot of the commander droid and destroyed him. Before the battle was done his trusting captain Rawlings was shot down by a droid. The General was able to take over the capital with his former apprentice Soka WaBroder. When he got back to the temple later in the next few weeks Order 66 happened.

Later lifeEdit

Silas escaped the temple during the order to kill. He met his friend and future wife Padme Heart in the streets after she to escaped the Jedi temple. They both joined a bounty hunter team and were able to live of that as they raised there two children. Once the rebels got strong they joined them. As Silas joined the rebels he found his old friend Sandwield with the rebels. Though Silas discovered Sandwield dead his Jedi training helped him stay calm. After the war Silas and his wife trained there two children with the force. Silas also trained a force adept Twi'lek named Cyrine Crast. Silas later had to kill his daughter when she turned to the dark side. Silas was then put on the new Jedi Council during that time. Silas also was able to help Luke in his hard times. Silas also found a Sith temple. He went in and defeated the Sith all of them. Later Silas was killed by Merra Notla on Hoth.

2nd DeathEdit

Many were unaware that jedi master Silas Portrun was not actually killed. After believe he was dead he had lost some memory. But as soon as he saw his lightsaber he remembered it all. He travelled to the planet of lightsaber crystals Illum. He though not known who was spotted by younglings during the 10 years he spent there. One of the trips in 67 ABY a young Chiss saw him medatating right in front of his crystal. "What you seek I guard, you do not know me. I am Silas Portrun". The youngling took him to Luke Skywalker who guarded there journey.Luke was joyful when he saw Silas again and appointed him to the council once again. Back on Coruscant he was brought forth to his son and grandson who know were both nights and his son a Master as he was. Once he came back he took on the role of training the younglins when he was not on missions. In 93 ABY Silas saw his old master Oriuss Stealthgleam through a force connection. In which he told him of a young Cerean who was on the planet of Hoth. Silas set out on his mission. As he searched he finally found the child guarded by Merra Notla. Silas who was full of anger. Started to choke the Sith. He took the child and took him to the temple. On one of his trips in 94 ABY being the head of the fedi council now for 3 years. He went to the old jedi temple on Tython. He there met a sith a sith named Darth Denserk he did not attempt to kill the sith as he gave him a vision. In the year of his true death Silas was in the council chambers. Trying to forget the vision of which the sith had gave him eight years ago. He and jedi Jason Kaleski sat in the chambers. They stared off into the distance of Coruscant. A ship appeared coming close to the window as Jillian Tashok walked in. The sith ship crashed through the wall. Jason was killed instantly. Silas and Jillian pulled there lightsabers out. And a familiar face came out with his apprentice. Darth Denserk Jillian was forced pushed out the window and fell to her death. Silas swung his lightsaber under the apprentice's leg and nearly cut off his leg. Silas pulling out his second lightsaber and beheaded the apprentice. Silas lightsaber was cut in half in which he force pulled the apprentice's to his hand. The red blade was now the only one that remained in his hands. The sith swung low and Silas spun around and jabbed him through the gut. Blood dripped from the sith's mouth. Silas then felt blood dripping from his mouth and he looked down. He and Darth Denserk had stabbed at the same time. They both stuck out there hand as to commemorate eachother as this happened Silas fell and the last thing he saw was the Sith smile and jump out the window.

The Force LifeEdit

Once being killed my the Sith Darth Denserk he learned of the Sith plans and how this new sith came to be. This sith was at one time the Emperor's Wrath which was the most highly esteemed and the emperors leader of war. He was around during the Old Republic and once doing much and the Empire knew they would need to preserve him for later, froze him in carbonite for future use. After the empire losing and Korriban destroyed he was forgotten of for thousands of years. He was later unfrozen and was now being used to bring back the sith and empire as the 2nd in command over the Sith. After learning Denserk was light at heart he trained him the ways of the light through the force and guided him. Later once Denserk died in a respectable way to one of the council members who was also one of his very deep through kin he went to the force and him and Silas served with Master Yoda and some of the other most highly esteemed force beings.


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