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Shearing, or more correctly, Force Shearing, was a unique Force ability used primarily by Jedi Knight Bryn Fulcron. It consisted mainly of using the Force to project many ethereal versions of oneself around the area of combat, hopefully confusing the enemy as to which one is real. The technique was especially useful versus those who did not feel the call of the Force, although quicker-witted ones could still probably spot the true user. It consumed a significant amount of energy, and could not be used rapidly in succession. The trick to it was personal memories of combat, which would account for the individual illusions differing moves and appearance.


Bryn Fulcron used this technique many times.

  • He probably used it during the Yuuzhan Vong War, though not explicitly stated.
  • He used it many times during the Battle of Tenupe in 36 ABY.
  • He used it, unbeknownst to Zekk, during his fight with Daslic Hur.
  • On Mandalore in 36 ABY.
  • On Raxus Prime, while fighting Tarc Rethcoe in the cloning chamber.
  • Fighting Nyax 2.0 on Ossus in 38 ABY.
  • Possibly versus Jacen Solo on Mustafar, although it would have been most useless versus one as perceptive as Jacen.

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