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Seth Yorkin was a brilliant scientist and businessman who went with the first expedition to Zurek as lead geologist in 50 BBY. He was one of the few survivors of the expedition, and along with the others cryogenically froze himself to await rescue.



The survivors' distress signal was picked up by Rebel and Imperial forces simultaneously, leading to a battle over who would rescue the expedition (and therefore possess their secrets and, presumably, loyalty). The Rebels managed to land on the planet first, and when Seth was unfrozen he led the other survivors in joining the Rebellion and helping fight off the remaining Imperials.

Life as a RebelEdit

Seth and his wife Auriette were stationed at Echo Base together, and had to brave the harsh environment of Hoth. Seth used his skills as a businessman to help the quartermasters procure more and better supplies for the Rebellion, and was instrumental in the purchase of Echo Base's ion cannon. It was during his time on Hoth that Seth developed a friendship with Rebel engineer Sean Edmiston, who was from the same planet as Seth. After the Battle of Hoth, Seth and Auriette left the Rebellion and went back to Seth's homeworld, Zuni. Once there, Seth took over his family's business, Yorkin Mining Industries, and used his wealth to shield himself, his wife and their bodyguard Tenga from Imperial prosecution.

Battle of ZuniEdit

When a sex scandal threatened to completely destabilize the already-tenuous control of the Imperial Moff on Zuni, Seth, with Sean's help, set about organizing a secret resistance movement. With the help of several local insurgents, and an unexpected assist from Rogue Squadron, the Empire was completely driven off of Zuni by 8 ABY.

Second mission to ZurekEdit

In 17 ABY, Seth spearheaded the second expedition to Zurek, hoping to learn more about the planet and perhaps, this time, bring back some samples. The expedition again took massive casualties, but this time was a marginal success. However, Seth encountered resistance from New Republic Intelligence, who were worried about further Imperial attempts to create "living superweapons" from the Dinosaurs on the planet's surface, and therefore wanted to eliminate all traces of Zurek's existence.

Later lifeEdit

During the wars with the Yuuzhan Vong and Phyrexians, Seth served as a Senator for the Galactic Alliance, representing his homeworld of Zuni in the government. He later publicly renounced Presidential Order 0139/D, and Zuni seceded from the Galactic Alliance.


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