Seswenna was a planet in the Seswenna sector, a region of the Outer Rim Territories. It was the capital of the sector, situated on the Hydian Way. It was the focal point of the Seswenna Security Crisis during the chancery of Anwis Eddicus. The sector's senator, a Seswennan named Awa Moonflower, returned to her homeworld during the advent of the crisis. She was killed in a devastating parasitic plague that enveloped the planet. In some locations on the planet, entire cities were wiped out. The rest of the planet was temporarily quarantined. Nearly two-thirds of the planet's population was killed in the catastrophe. About one-third of the surviving population fled the planet and never returned, forming a Seswennan diaspora. The documentary Lequana, bnef nlle! The Sullustans of Seswenna by Luca Georges highlighted the Sullustan population, which had been reduced by nearly 85% through the plague.


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