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Swarm War


Operation Farsight


eventually; Anti-Imperial conspiracy

Second Swarm War

36 ABY


37 ABY


Unknown Regions


Empire of the Stars victory

Major battles

Battle of Sk, Battle of Shastarik


Empire of the Stars

Dark Nest


Cody Alyn

Battles of the Second Swarm War
This article is about the 36-37 ABY conflict between the Empire of the Stars and the Dark Nest. You may be looking for the 154-157 ABY conflict between the Imperium and the Vagaari hives.

The Second Swarm War was an attack made by the Killik against the Empire of the Stars, during and after the original Swarm War.

History Edit

During the Swarm War, the Killik forces, under the influence of the Dark Nest, accidentally stumbled on the fringes of the Empire of the stars, after a portion of their fleet was lost in the Vaeryn Nebula.

This fleet was lead by the joiner, Cody Alyn. Alyn, thinking they were facing the Chiss Ascendancy, prepared to attack. The Killik fleet then attacked the backwater world of Sk, just outside of the nebula. The planet was quickly colonized and the defenses swept away. However, the battered Star Destroyer Vrox managed to send a distress call to Lostar, the empire's capital. The aging Admiral Ildraan Vossuk organized his defense forces, centered around the Star Destroyer the Gallant, and ordered them to Sk. The taskforce was led by Marshall Mitth'in'nuroudo, who had been recently promoted for his exploits during Operation Farsight. He took a force of several large capital ships and nearly one hundred frigates and corvettes.

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