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The Second Galactic Empire, known simply as the Galactic Empire, the Fel Empire or just the Empire was established by Jagged Fel in 42 ABY, he re-organised the fractured Imperial Remnant into an effective, cohesive and stable Empire modeled on Palpatine's First Galactic Empire with himself as Emperor.

The new Empire, despite it's origins, turned away from many of the characteristics that Jagged Fel saw as the problems of Palpatine's regime, it was not so tyrannical, it encouraged light-side users, even going so far as to establish it's own Jedi-parallel, the Imperial Knights, institutional xenophobia was stopped, although many of it's officers still carried those ideals, aliens were accepted into the ranks of the Imperial Military. In 43 ABY the Empire made peace with the Galactic Alliance and brought about Jagged's dream of a united galaxy. Since unification, the Empire has sought to increase it's influence through peaceful means, personified by the Imperial Mission. It has also had to deal with several threats, an Alliance civil war, in which supporters of Alliance-Empire unity fought against those who thought the new Empire was just as evil as the first, it has also had to fight it's own civil war against Grand Moff Morlish Veed's insurgency who sought to restore the Moff Council's leadership of the Empire. In 48 ABY another split occured, with Natasi Daala and a group of Moffs seceding from the Empire and declared war, this coupled with the Alliance-Republican split led to Irek Ismaren, once believed to be Palpatine's son founding his own Empire, leading to the Third Galactic Civil War, as the war progressed, the Alliance became more hostile towards the Empire, until the Strike at Commenor, where Hogrum Chalk ordered a massacre of Alliance-Republic leaders and destroyed their joint forces, against Emperor Fel's orders, this did partially work in Fel's favour as the dissident Imperial factions rejoined the Empire, but the Republicans also rejoined the Alliance, and it's pro-Imperial leadership was toppled and the war took a new turn, Alliance against Empire. With the Alliance bleeding star systems and it's citizens increasingly disgruntled with it's totalitarian war-time regime, with the Alliance set to implode in upon itself, the Empire waited eagerly for it's time to strike, knowing that time to be fast approaching.

Government and politicsEdit

The Second Galactic Empire was, ultimately ruled by the Emperor, but the Council of Moffs also held considerable power. As of the year 51 ABY the Council of Moffs consisted of 10 high-ranking military & civilian officials who each held the rank of High Moff:

As part of Emperor Fel's Imperial reforms he restored the Imperial Senate to act as the legislative body and an oversight committee, although it had little real power, it was in charge of appointing the Imperial Cabinet, which was the secondary executive body of the Empire and was responsible for each government ministry, being made up of Ministers. The head of the government was the Viceroy of the Empire, a replacement for the earlier title under Palpatine, the Grand Vizier, the Viceroy also held the subsidiary titles of President of the Imperial Senate and Prime Minister of the Imperial Cabinet.

Each of the Sectors of the Empire were represented by an elected Senator and each was assigned a Moff to govern over it. Oversectors were governed by a Grand Moff and consisted of many sectors which were deemed high-priority, there were a total of twenty Grand Moffs at any given time.

In addition to it's own territory, the Empire also contained several Imperial Independent Affiliates, these were allies of the Empire that were self-governing but had oversight of an Imperial Ambassador:

By 50 ABY with the surrender of the Alliance, Fel's Empire controlled most of the Galaxy, either directly, or through the Independent Affiliates, the only major exceptions being the Hapes Consortium, Hutt space and the territory of the Sith Empire, the former two being Affiliates of the latter.

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