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Battles of the Second Chiss Civil War
1st ShikitariQqkunKoleaRata Nebula2nd Shikitari
Chiss do not have civil wars, we have disagreements
Aristocra Chaf'orm'bintrano

The Second Chiss Civil War was a large conflict between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Empire of the Stars.

The war Edit

Prelude Edit

The war officially stemmed from an assassination attempt on Syndic Admiral Mordaph'eh'nuroudo by a group of Chiss nobles. Phehn and the other target, the Shadow child Lukas Iktotchon, survived these attempts and prepared to strike back at the Ascendancy.

Recently promoted Aristocra Fir'uin'nuroudo had been a major player in the conspiracy and knew that the Empire would soon strike back. He acted independently as the voice of the ruling houses. This did not bode well with the Chiss, leading to infighting. The Aristocra however, was skilled in military tactics, forming a grand fleet to destroy the Imperials.

Mordaph'eh'nuroudo was equally, if not more skilled than Ruinn. He had won many victories and had the combined military knowledge of the Chiss and the Imperials.

In the first days of 63 ABY the Imperials attacked out of Lostar.

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