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The Second Battle of Corellia (Successors War) was a key victory for Darth Proditor's forces during the Successors War. Darth Edella, learning of the conquest of Corellia just hours before hand, quickly regrouped her forces and counter-attacked Proditor's battle weary fleet.

The battleEdit

Darth Edella, personally leading her forces, jumped into orbit of Corellia and immediately engaged Darth Proditor's forces; inflicting heavy damage upon the invaders forces.

Darth Proditor, who was on the planet at the time was forced to leave command of the fleet to his highest ranking official still in the fleet, the Cerean; Captain Bayeux. Bayeux, who had until this point never commanded a real warship, did well and thought it best to attempt to limit his losses. Darth Proditor however, wanted Edella's forces to be annihilated, and ordered Bayeux to fight to the last, and wipe the enemy out.

Facing a numerically superior force, Bayeux resorted to a devastating tactic. He sent wave after wave of Mark I's at the enemies forces, pounding them against Edella's ships. Eventually, despite near genocidal losses, Edella's forces were being pushed back.

Bayeux then ordered his capital ships to open fire on the enemy fleet, thoroughly ripping their foes apart. Edella's flagship was torn to shreds by enemy fire, the remains of which exploded into great balls of flame, causing rubble to fly into many of Edella's remaining ships. But with Edella dead, the remainder of her forces had little to fight for.

Bayeux had won the battle, capturing the remains of Edella's fleet.

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