Sean Edmiston was a mechanic and engineer who modified vehicles for special conditions (such as extreme temperatures). He was one of the supervisors of the team that maintained Rogue Squadron's snowspeeders on Hoth. After the Battle of Hoth, he was decorated for bravery and valor, and promoted to Captain, after which he took a position on Colonel Derlin's advisory staff. He retired as a Major shortly after Palpatines' death.


Battle of ZuniEdit

In 7 ABY, Seth Yorkin asked Sean to help him organize a resistance against the Imperial government on their mutual homeworld of Zuni. Sean found himself back in the New Republic military, but retired again -- this time as a Colonel -- in 15 ABY.

Second mission to ZurekEdit

Sean designed the modified landspeeders used in the second Zurek expedition in 17 ABY. He was one of the only survivors of the expedition, and the experience scarred him so much he stopped freelancing and rejoined the military.

The PhyrexiansEdit

General Edmiston was a major player in the Phyrexian War, first as supreme commander of the defenders at Zuni, then as a prisoner of war (where he was modified by the Phyrexians and almost became one of them), and later as an advisor to Intelligence Chief Iella Wessiri Antilles. Eventually, scientists working under the umbrella of Galactic Alliance Intelligence found a cure for the condition by which Phyrexians changed their prisoners, and Sean became fully human again.


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