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Sean was a Human who was born in 0 ABY. He served the New Republic in 15 ABY as a Jedi Padawan. His master was Juedia, a female Human, when he was 15. At the age of thirty, he became too powerful and left the council, just a few months after he became a Jedi Master. His name became Darth Shawdon. Circa 40 ABY, he waged a war against the Galactic Alliance, which went on for 5 years. At the end of the battle Darth Shawdon's/Sean's power got the best of him, which resulted in an explosion. After the explosion's dust settled, Sean had disappeared.


Sean came backEdit

In 47 ABY, Sean came back, and in a few months later he started having dreams about what happened between about 40 ABY and 45 ABY. He told the Jedi council about the dreams and that he remembered about what had happened. So he swore to the Jedi council that he would never change sides again.

In 166 ABY, Sean met a woman named Cadian and married her. They had two children. Sean named one of them John and Cadian named the other one Olga.


In 120 ABY Sean thought of Boba Fett and how his dad made clones of him self. So Sean made an army to protect the rebellion and his children.

Welcome backEdit

In 173 ABY, Sean went back to Ordian and found his army. But Sean just said, "A creature as tall as Yoda and as wise as a Gungan will come and rule you, but I will go back to my family because we're getting old; me and my wife's time has nearly gone. The Force wont save us anymore—it already has—God bless the Force". Then Sean left.

Surprisingly, Cadian lived to 182 ABY. However, Sean passed away in 178 ABY.

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