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Sataris Strasbourg was a Human male, and the Commander-in-chief of the Sith fleet during the Sith Crusade and a descendant of Armanas Strasbourg. A close friend of Darth Dimicatio, Sataris became well known throughout the galaxy for his tactical prowess and skill as a Field Commander. He answered only to Darth Abeonis. He was a decorated war hero, even by Decreton standards, and an ambitious man. It was not beyond Strasbourg to betray his closest associates to achieve his goals.

He was responsible for the decimation of the Ssi-ruuvi race and the war of attrition along the Corellian Trade Spine.

It was said that all that prevented him from rising in the ranks any further was his lack of Force-sensitivity.

His nemesis during the Sith Crusade was the Alliance Admiral; Ema.

Behind the scenesEdit

Due to his failure to appear during the fall of Coruscant in 74 ABY, it is assumed he had died before then. It has recently became known that he was killed during Operation Strike back in the year 63 ABY.