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I sincerely don't know what kind of thoughts flow in this one's mind. When I found him, his soul was shattered and he was immersed in darkness. Since then, he's still cracked.
—Jedi Master Dana Khe'el

Santh Degoi was a Kel Dor Jedi Knight, Padawan to Master Dana Khe'el. Like some Jedi, Santh led a nomadic life, taking only one apprentice during his entire life. In his words, this was due his lack of self-knowing and his incapability to fully understand the ways of the Force. In his journeys, he mediated various conflicts, in various planets, although he favored Baroonda over any other.

In his youth, Santh received teachings from the sages of Baron Do. During that time, this tradition was near oblivion, due to the teachings of the Jedi Order being considered more adequate to Force-sensitives. Nevertheless, Santh's family sent him to the Baran Do sages, thus beginning his training.

During all his Knighthood, Santh served as a General in the Mandalorian Wars, fighting alongside Revan, Malak, the Jedi Exile and his own Padawan. After the battle of Malachor V, Santh left to the Unknown Regions, leaving his apprentice, who decided to follow Revan and Malak and fight at the Jedi Civil War.


Rudiments of the ForceEdit

At the exact year of 3,997 BBY, during the last days of the Great Sith War, a Kel Dor was born. Although never having a Force-sensitive relative, Santh had the capability of sensing natural phenomena that occurred in his planet. This eccentric behavior was only noted by his parents when the boy reached his fifth year of life, when he warned them of the event, six days in advance. After the confirmation of the phenomenon, the Degoi - as a traditional Kel Dor family - directed Santh to the Baran Do Sages, due to their same ability to sense the planet's natural alterations.

In the same year, Santh started his studies in the rudiments of the Force. Apart from understanding more about the planet's phenomena and the influence of the Force in it, he learned about the hassat-dur techniques and spent a great amount of time trying to improve them. His time in the Baran Do temple was mostly spent in meditation, when he reached out other areas in the capital, feeling the flux of the emotions of the Keldorians in Dor'shan and analyzing the behavior of the Force when these emotions clashed with each other.

After a long time meditating in the rooms of the temple, Santh perceived a deep gap in his knowledge of the Force. Believing that the temple and the sages had nothing more to offer to him, Santh exiled himself from the Baran Do, taking only the teachings he had learned, and left his home planet in the age of ten.

Baroonda and The Depths of InsanityEdit

Every sentient being had his living hell. Mine was Baroonda.

Santh roamed through the galaxy for one year, until settling on Baroonda, a planet located at the Outer Rim Territories. The planet was still unknown to the majority in that time, making it perfect - in Santh's viewpoint - to understand the crude form of the Force. Upon arriving in Baroo aboard an exploratory starship, the young Kel Dor traveled to the coasts near the city and started to live there, making a small camp.

While exploring the forests surrounding the beaches, Santh began to present symptoms very similar to the already know affliceria. The young Kel Dor suffered with the disease for almost three years, with short periods of small fevers to long periods of hallucination and weakness. When sane, the Kel Dor meditated and tried to manipulate the Force with the purpose of healing himself, though never achieving success. His efforts, however, were not in vain. The attempts to heal himself kept him alive long enough to other Force-sensitives perceive a strange flux in the Outer Rim Territories, product of Santh's mental oscillations. With thoughts of an uprising of the Sith in the most distant regions of the galaxy, the Jedi Order dispatched the Jedi Knight Dana Khe'el to investigate this strange oscillations.

The Light and the Jedi OrderEdit

You are safe, boy. You don't have to fear the insane hands of madness any longer.