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sandwield and cee defend christophis.


"Today we go into the belly of the beast, make me proud my brothers.-Sandwield

Sandwield was a clone born in 39 BBY on the planet Kamino. He was a Commander in Raven Squadron. He usely equipped a long barrell rifle. But when he was an arc trooper he had two small hand blasters. He always remained in phase 1 along with the rest of raven squadron. On raven squadron he had a special deco. He had 2 stripes down his helmet and one down the middle on his armor.

He was a great friend to Silas Portrun. As the Clone Wars went on he won many battles and lost many men. When Order 66 came around he was forced to kill many Jedi. He and Tsunami and Cee were also together on a team of commandos. He one day met Silas Portrun in the street. He was told why he was able to do what he wanted as a clone. He had normal human DNA in his body.He then quit the empire. He found the rebels and joined the there ranks as a commander. He later went on a mission to Bespin in 11 ABYwherearogue clone was spotted. When the clone saw him he shot and killed Sandwield. Days later Silas finally found his old friend dead.


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