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Aura, Exactly what is it I'm looking at?"
That, Master, is the Halo.

—Darth Alastor and the A.I. Aura

The Salvation-class carrier, despite being classified as a warship, and presence in every Mandalorian battle group since its creation, was not a combat vessel. Despite its size, apparent large arsenal and tactical/combat scanners, it a had very little offensive punch of its own. As such it was regulated to the rear of a battle group, generally under guard of Ifrits.

Conflict DoctrineEdit

Salvation Carriers have a single role, that of a carrier. Commanders of these ships were under strict orders to avoid conflict with capital ships at all cost. If conflict was unavoidable they were ordered to Launch all their AGSM-10 missiles at the opposition and hope their defensive cannons would then be enough to finish off the target.

Dedicated CarrierEdit

Aside from 4 Aurora class Drop Ships the Salvation class only carried longsword heavy Fighter-Bombers. The reasoning for this was simple, despite its classification as a Fighter-Bomber, it was a gunship. A Longswords was massive, taller than some fighters were long, and as such they needed a specialized carrier to be moved around en mass. As such the Salvation class was the only type of ship in the galaxy with the space and equipment needed to berth more than 12 Longswords.

Defensive ArmamentEdit

The Salvation had a verity of defensive weapons. The most powerful of which was its 150 Blaster Laser Cannons. These Cannons were capable of destroying a interceptor type fighter in one hit. Snub-fighters in 2-4 hits, and your standard bomber in 5-10 hits. They had a High Rate of fire and moderate accuracy.

The Next defensive weapon on the Salvation was its 100 Heavy Photonic Machine Cannons. These cannons were the most advanced version of the Helghast Photon Machine Gun. Each cannon was directly linked to one of the Salvation's power cores, granting them unlimited ammunition for as long as the Salvation had power. The Cannons had a High rate of fire, nearly 1,000 rounds per minute, and as such their Accuracy was low. But when you could fire that fast with nearly unlimited ammo, who needed accuracy?

Finally, and perhaps most odd of the ships defenseless are the 30 forward oriented, 50mm Slugthrower Cannons. These cannons fired a very large, metallic slug at a high rate of speed, they had a firing rate of about 30 rounds a minute and a 99.9% accuracy rating. Though still effected by shields, because they had a physical solid mass, they tended to 'stick' to shields till they lost momentum, much like the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon's MAC round did. A single hit from one of these rounds while, not devastating, could cause a fighter to alter course, or changer direction depending on the angle of the round and where it struck. Each cannon had around 40,000 rounds, for a total of 12,000,000 ship wide.

Offensive PunchEdit

As stated earlier the Salvation had very little in the way of offensive power, its only offensive weapons were six AGSM-10 Missile Racks. Each rack was equipped with 10 missiles giving the ship 60 in total. This was generally, when fired en mass, enough to send even a mighty Super Star Destroyer, limping away, however the likely hood of a Salvation moving that close to a SSD was unlikely. They could also be used to bombard a planet but this was not in the Vessels Doctrine and has records of such actions have not turned up.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The first 'ship of the line' Fairy's Love was named in honor of one of Kahn Iceay's close friends who has an affinity for fairies

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