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Salus system

Unknown Regions


1: Salew

Space stations

Foison Asteroid Belt (Orbit 5)

Native species

Galactic Basic Standard

The Salus system was the capital system of the Ultio Empire and was therefore rather self-sufficient compared to most Star systems since the over 3900 years since its colonization, its chief planet Salus was discovered and colonized by the early Darth Revan while his flagship had dropped out of Hyperspace on-route to the Star Forge for the first time, after the death of Darth Malak the remains of the Sith Empire's resources at Lehon withdrew to the Salus system and were not found again due to Revan having lost his memory.


Pre-Rise of the New EmpireEdit


Having learned the location of the Star Forge from the ancient Star Maps Darth Revan set out along those coordinates to locate the giant automated shipyard, by chance when his Flagship dropped out of Hyperspace to do a hyperspace reading he came upon the planet Salus and its sibling worlds, hoping to make usage of these worlds he had many Mandalorian War Refugees about his remaining Fleet settle upon these worlds and were the first dominions of Revan's Empire.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Salus was the Latin meaning for the word Salvation.

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