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You did well, Saché. Please don't think otherwise.
—Padmé Amidala

Saché Aeyinson was a citizen of Naboo, fourth royal handmaiden to Padmé Amidala who led the group during the Invasion of Naboo, and later a member of the planet's militia during the Clone Wars.


Early Life(45 BBY to 33 BBY)Edit

Saché was born in Theed to a pair of abusive parents, about whom she talked as little as possible. Through multiple visits to the hospital the authorities determined something was wrong, and when she was six she was finally taken into the city's custody. Kept apart due to her psychological difficulties, Saché did not attract the interest of any prospective foster families, and when she was twelve she was encouraged to apply to be a handmaiden. She was chosen for Padmé Amidala as one of her two primary bodyguards, which she liked. She quickly grew close to the other, Yané Carinda, the only handmaiden younger than her, who would remain her closest friend for the rest of her life.

Handmaiden(32 BBY to 24 BBY)Edit

When the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, Amidala fled with her top three handmaidens, leaving Saché in charge with the orders to lead a resistance, much to the young woman's dismay, as she felt she was not fit for such a role. She assumed the mantle of leadership as best she could, however, getting the handmaidens to regroup, and with their aid taking out a major droid construction facility. In the process Ardré Kartik was briefly believed to be dead, and then Moré Yelnina was killed, two incidents that caused her guilt. She continued to lead the other handmaidens even after Amidala's return, ceding command to Sabé Andierre only when they met at the very end of the battle.

After the battle she attended the funeral of Qui-Gon Jinn, but was too grieved by the loss of Moré to attend the parade the next day, and kept a lower public profile for the following eight years than anyone, even Sabé.

Militia(24 BBY to 20 BBY)Edit

When Amidala left office, Saché and Yané both went into the militia, where they became closer than ever. Saché was the only person Yané confided in when she went through an unexpected pregnancy and miscarriage. She also began to beat her friend in shooting competitions, when she had never been able to do before.

When the Clone Wars broke out, Saché often volunteered to fight off-planet. When Naboo was attacked late in the war, she insisted on being sent to defend her former mistress, and gave her life to save Padmé, alongside Dormé Costil.