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The insignia for Vode Squad 8 commanded by RFCC-1025

Squad Emblems or SEs were an easy way of distinguishing one squad from another. Each emblem was placed on the left side of a helmet, on the left arm, on the right side of the lower chest plate, on the knuckle plate, and on the right knee plate. Usually emblems resembled Mandalorian groups, people or war droids.

The squad emblem to the left was enclosed in a circle 5 inches at the diameter. It was the insignia for Vode Squad 8.


Emblems were different for every squad. The picture may have been the same but the colors where different. Only the Mandalorian Commando squads were known to have pictures of Mandalores (left corner). Most squads (as seen in right corner) had random insignias. Like said above some squads used the same insignia, but used different colors, usually their squad colors.

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