{{Galactic Republic character infobox | name = Unidentified Clone Pilot 10 (Ringo Vinda) | homeworld = Kamino | birth = 32 BBY | death = 20 BBY | species = Human (clone) | gender = Male | height = 1.83 meters | hair = Black | eyes = Brown | era = Rise of the Empire era | affiliation = [[starwars:Galactic Republic|Republic This'Pilot was a clone pilot who served in SARC Squad. He was rivals with CC/94, and constantly was fighting over ship controls. He costumized his helmet with a Mandalorian T visor and several 501rst and pilot markings. He infilitrated the Mandalorian Protector base on Rhen Var with SARC/12164. After the mission on Rhen Var, he repainted his armor black and red, with the rest of SARC Squad. He was an exellent Z-95 pilot in the 2nd Clone rebellion.

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