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C-3PO, the droid that is exactly like S-3PO.

S-3PO was a gold 3PO model protocol droid under the service of the New Republic. He was the tactical officer aboard the Corellian corvette Mon Cerla for a small period of time. S-3PO had shared many adventures with his counterpart, R2-G5. He also commanded the Mon Calamari cruiser Mon Libertias during the Second Battle of Endor.


Early life Edit

S-3PO was created on Tatooine, along with R2-G5. Geefive, as R2-G5 is referred to as, and Esthree, as S-3PO is referred to as, shared many adventures, like the testing of the new Mon Calamari cruiser Home One just before the Battle of Endor. The duo was granted the privilege of meeting the great Admiral Ackbar when he asked for the droids' final thoughts of the new flagship.

In the Starfleet Edit

Esthree and Geefive were stationed on the New Republic ship K7 when the attack on Hoth occurred. The K7 was dispatched to Mon Calamari to drop Esthree and Geefive off for an unknown mission. Apparently, they were needed by the leader of the Rebellion. When they arrived, they were told they were granted a new post as lieutenants aboard the Mon Libertias. The captain of the Mon Libertias, Captain Rynor, had died earlier in the day, and they were searching for a new commander. Two officers asked Esthree to come to them, and they looked over his record. They made him the captain and, at Esthree's request, Geefive the first officer.

Battle of Endor Edit

Esthree and Geefive were on the Mon Libertias when the fleet was ordered to Endor at hyperspeed. His famous quote to the navigation officer was, "Oh, my, well, what are we waiting for?" When they arrived, the fleet was just arriving. They ordered all weapons to "shoot at them". During the battle, the Mon Libertias was successful in destroying a Star Destroyer.

Current life Edit

Esthree was last known as the commander of the Mon Libertias Mon Calamari cruiser. He was promoted to Fleet Admiral after his service in the battle. He had received almost twenty awards for his service in the New Republic's Starfleet until 34 ABY. He was also the commander of the New Droid Union, an organization of droids serving in the New Republic. His last sighting was on the Mon Libertias in 37 ABY.

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