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Ryder Pale was the Tooin commander of the Tooin Clash Force during the Battle for Antoo. His tactics allowed his soldiers to penetrate the walls of Antoo and seize control of the Leader's Stronghold. The inability to remain self-sufficient inside the complex forced some Tooins to abandon their new posts.

Reinforcements soon came from the Aanian Army of Crom, equipped with powerful audible interference emitters. Pale ordered his soldiers to stay in the stronghold regardless of what torture they may have sustained from the devices. Pale himself remained inside the complex vowing to not exit until an agreement could be made. Yisk, the commanding general in charge of Crom, ordered that the emitters be turned up to their maximum setting. Though he had some resistance at first, the controller increased the setting to lethal.

Inside the complex, Pale's men could not physically survive, as the high frequencies forced their heads to explode. Eventually Pale himself succumb to the murderous device. His remains were collected by surviving members of the Clash Force and interred on a hill outside his birthplace of Lisor in Laaitia.

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