Rozix was a male Falleen Jedi Knight. He was part of the Belsavis Jedi Enclave.

After an attack by Emperor Palpatine and Wilhuff Tarkin, he and all of the Jedi evacuated and jumped towards the Kaminoan colony Novus Kamino Prime.

During the attack, his natural pheromones were damaged and had to be operated on when they reached the colony. If not for the fact that Zeltron and Falleen pheromones canceled each other out, Abigaile Jade was sure she would have been attracted to him.

He accompanied Abigaile's husband during the Battle of Toola. He was Slag Ten.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rozix is Xizor backwards. He was originally going to be a female Falleen named Sacul.


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