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We must congradulate our Navy brothers for the great sacrifices they made to try and defend against a N'Akkiarlian invasion of our Commonwealth, sadly their sacrifice was in vain as despite our best efforts the N'Akkiarlians have broken through our Navy, we Marines tried to repel them and avenge our fallen Navy brothers but they charged through us as well. We need a miracle now!
—An Ingzan Marine speaking about the Navy and the sacrifices they made during the N'Akkiarlian-Ingzan War

Background and HistoryEdit

The Royal Navy of Ingza (Ingzan: Róyála Néví ová Íngza, Bregaran: Inigizan Seyzakasatako Neyokugen) was the Navy of the Ingza people. The Navy was formed in order to defend against sea/space-borne attacks. The earliest Navy was a purely sea-borne Navy but became space-borne when Ingzan started to produce starships.

The first space-borne warships were used to defend the colonisation ships as they travelled to other planets in the system.

The primary mascot of the Navy was the Sákází the Sea Eagle, he appeared on the nose art of many Navy planes. He was a cartoon Sea Eagle, Navy cadets were the Sákází's Chicks.

Eagles featured prominently in Ingzan culture, since they were loved and respected by the Ingza who admired their graceful flight and beauty.

During the Ingzan-Bregaran Empire the Royal Navy formed part of the Imperial Navy, the Navy of the Ingzan-Bregaran Empire, which was formed from the Confederate Navy when the Ingzan-Bregaran Confederation was reorganised into the Ingzan-Bregaran Empire in 33,025 BBY when the Ingza and Bregaro got there first colonies.

After opening alliances with the Galactic Federation of Sentient Species (and later, Coruscant Republic) the Ingza and Bregaro puchased many local-production licences of star destroyers, for example the V'ei'ka-klás batarosép, the Ingza focused on producing larger star destroyers, whilst the Bregaro seemed to focus on building small frigate, destroyer and corvette and so forth.

Relations with other arms of the Ingzan militaryEdit

I cannot believe I am hearing this! The Army wants to cut spending to the Navy to strengthen the Army? What happens if a massive enemy Navy comes and tries to invade, where will we be then!? The Army big-wigs are behind with the times! A strong Navy is needed these days for a good defence, without a strong navy we are unlikely to be able to defeat an invader!
—A Supreme Admiral arguing against Army proposals to cut divert spending from the Navy to the Army

The Navy clashed with the Royal Ingzan Army over matters, not all of these were military-related however, some were also political. E.g. The Army believed the sovereign should be the true ruler not the V'ei'ka whilst the Navy were loyal to the V'ei'ka who was one of their top commanders. The Navy and Army at best didn't always trust each other, at worst hated each other. The Navy believed the Army's views to be behind with the times, the Army believed in militaristic expansionism whilst the Navy believed in peaceful co-operation with neighbouring cultures, keeping their military only for self-defence. The Army's militaristic policies were rarely put into practice as one of the top commanders of the Navy was the V'ei'ka, who also was the de facto ruler of the Ingza, she "advised" the sovereign on foreign policy and law-making, in reality however she made the law and foreign policy, she was the real decision-maker.

The Navy was on good terms with the Royal Ingzan Air Force, rarely arguing about anything.

Relations with foreign militariesEdit

I salute my Bregaran navy brothers, they sail alongside us in the spirit of naval brotherhood, helping us defend our empire
—An Ingzan sailor, showing the close relations between the Royal Navy of Ingza and the Bregaran Imperial Navy

During the Ingzan-Bregaran Empire, the Royal Navy had extremely close links with the Bregaran Imperial Navy, their allies, they worked together to defend the Empire from attack, they had brotherly relations.


His/Her Majesty's Fleet (Híz/Húr Májestí's Flírut)Edit

The strongest fleet of the Navy, the fleet which was personally commanded by the sovereign. This fleet was made up almost entirely of state-of-the-art battleships and carriers. Prototype super-ships were also used, like the Zúpá Shírígáhszí-class Destroyer and Mt Tusítaré-class Cruiser. At the time of the N'Akkiarlian-Ingzan War the flagship of this fleet was the RNIS Demoness, a Demoness-class Battleship which was also the personal flagship of King Ingza XXI.

No. 1 Naval Bomber WingEdit

Thi No.1 Naval Bomber Wing was part of this fleet, it used prototype bombers. During the time of the N'Akkiarlian-Ingzan war this wing was led by prototype Ráptór-klás súpá stábomba (Raptor-class super starbomber) Ráptór

Royal Ingzan 1st Battle Fleet (Róyála Íngzan Firústó Battálá Flírut)Edit

The second-most strongest fleet of the Navy, personally commanded by the V'ei'ka, who was the Navy's second-in-command. This fleet was led by a highly advanced battleship (during the N'Akkiarlian-Ingzan War it was the RNIS Kysa Zerego), the fleet was led by a task force called the Command Squadron, which was several battleships/carriers, each with a commander (usually an Admiral or Commodore) captaining them, these commanders formed the council which commanded and controlled the fleet.

No.492 Naval Gunship SquadronEdit

The No.492 Naval Gunship Squadron was a squadron of 6 Fast-class gunships which were assigned to the 1st Battle Fleet, they were stationed on the carrier Gyizarina Sea.

No.55 Naval Bomber SquadronEdit

Also part of the 1st Battle Fleet was the No.55 Naval Bomber Squadron, this was made up of 8 Ingzan Aircraft Company Raider bombers, it was a land-based squadron.

Royal Ingzan 2nd Battle Fleet (Róyála Íngzan Sékúnada Battálá Flírut)Edit

This fleet was led by a battleship and was comprised of heavy cruisers. It was commanded by the High Admiral. During the N'Akkiarlian-Ingzan War it was led by the RNIS Ingzan Pride, flagship of High Admiral Óaka Vyeka.


Rank Description Image
Supreme Admiral The Supreme Admiral was one of the leaders of the Navy, along with the sovereign and the V'ei'ka, he commanded all navy forces, he led the Supreme Admiral's Council, a council of all the admirals who discussed navy matters.
Admiral The Admirals commanded the large fleets of the Navy, they made up the Supreme Admiral's Council.
Rear Admiral The Rear Admirals commanded small-medium fleets flotillas.