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Speeder bikes! Rendezvous ASAP and retrograde.

The "Rhen Var Five" were five Advanced Reconnaissance Commandoes and clone troopers of Tralus Platoon, 2644th Infantry Battalion.

They fought in the Battle of Rhen Var, and were deployed by a pair of LAAT/i gunships as well as thirty-five other clone infantrymen to disable the Separatist artillery battery from the rear. However, an unexpected number of droids clustered around the howitzers lead to the one-sided murder of Tralus Platoon from droids clustered on the nearby buildings and from droids swarming around the batteries. Ultimately, the Rhen Var Five were the only survivors, pinned down around the crashed hulks of the two gunships, and under fire from all sides until Sergeant CT-33/91-3468 was able to use a destroyed droid engineer's fusion cutter to cut open the rear compartment of one of the gunships and reveal half a dozen ARC reconnaissance speeder bikes: the Rhen Var Five's escape from the disastrous raid.

The five clone troopers fled the battlegrounds in their speeder bikes, hotly pursued by droid STAP reconnaissance craft.

All five survived the pursuit, however, and after OPERATION: Maelstrom Cliff was concluded with a Republic victory, the Rhen Var Five were personally given medals from the Tralus ambassador, for their continuance of Tralus Platoon by their survivals and their epic reversal of odds against a dozen droid pursuit craft.

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