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Rhadé Sarasvati Nalanda, Queen and later Senator of Naboo maintained a large wardrobe of extravagant, ornate and in some cases very elaborate disguises, gowns, and robes of office throughout her life. As Queen, her gowns and dresses were ornate and uniquely styled, geared highly towards Naboo tradition rather than comfort. After her second term as Queen ended, the more practical and fashionable clothing made her realize her physical beauty, and she more and more sought to accent it, realizing that before it had been neglected. This led to less dramatic and striking clothing, leaving more attention to her than to her clothes.

Royal AttireEdit

Throne Room GownEdit

As Queen of Naboo, Rhadé Nalanda was most prominently seen in her traditional mode of dress and make-up, designed to not only show her dedication to the people of Naboo but to hide her relative youth as she was sixteen when she was first elected. Her red throne room gown had wide shoulders and a heavy gold collar which was worn over an embroidered stole which was placed around her neck. The sleeves were heavily embroidered too. The gown itself was made up of stiff panels made of shimmersilk that were sewn together, it was supported by thin lengths of wire that ran between the layers giving the gown a conical shape. With this gown Nalanda wore an ornate faceframe with gold panels that extended flat either side of her head, her hair was arranged over a padded frame.

Palpatine's Quarters GownEdit

While meeting with Naboo's senator, Nalanda wore a long sleeved purple gown over a blue dress held together with a wide sash, all were intricately embroidered in silver. Her hair was spread out in a reverse fan at the back of her head with a headdress that resembled a goff bird with multi-colored transparent feathers.

The hairstyle was to be repeated when Nalanda attended the Imbroglio Summit ten years later as Senator of Naboo

Senate GownEdit

To illustrate the seriousness of her cause and the majesty of Naboo's finery, Nalanda wore an extraordinary gown when she addressed the Galactic Senate. The underdress was a deep blue wild gold embroidery and sleeves that puffed at the elbow. On her arms Nalanda wore several ribbed gold bracelets, though these only showed if she moved them. Over the dress she wore a bright blue cape that was attached to a heavy gold collar. She wore a light faceframe with a sapphire on her forehead and her hair panned out at the sides of her head and braided to just below her shoulders.

Foreign Residence/Funeral GownEdit

This dark, somber dress was adopted by Nalanda during her stay in Senator Palpatine's quarters on Coruscant. It had a stiff, black, pleated underdress with embroidered circular panels that were enlarged on her upper body and sleeves. Overthis was a beaded sleeveless overdress that had gold wire that extended around the tops of her arms. Her hair was arranged simply over a wire base so that it appeared to be folded over.

This dress was also worn to the funeral of the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Shakya Devi

Traveling GownEdit

First worn by Sanné when she disguised herself as Nalanda when they first arrived on Coruscant, Nalanda wore this when she was leaving the capital world. The underdress, overdress and various attachments were all in differing shades of purple and mauve, kept together with a chain that Nalanda wore across her shoulders. Her hair was completely covered with a veil, that was worn with a silver diadem on top of her head.

Parade GownEdit

To celebrate the freedom of her people and the unification with the Gungans, Nalanda wore this gown to the grand celebration in the city of Theed. her gown was simple, white and full, with an ornate silver necklace over the top. Over this she wore a cloak arranged like the scallops of a shell, showing Nalanda's affinity with the ocean. Her make-up was subdued from the usual stark white and her hair was in a series of loops ornamented with a silver headband.


Handmaiden DressEdit

During the Naboo Crisis Nalanda was in considerable danger from the forces of the Trade Federation, at the advice of her Head of Security Tallam Panaka and the then Jedi Padawan Padmé Naberrie she disguised herself in the plain gray cloak of a handmaiden.

Turquoise DisguiseEdit

Following the assassination attempts made on her, Nalanda traveled on a freighter disguised as a refugee with Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Naberrie. The dress was a dull turquoise which she wore with a pale blue hooded cloak which had a panel at the front. Upon arrival on Naboo and prior to her audience with Queen Jamilla she removed the cloak and wore the cream ornamental shoulder pads and basque with the matching veiled headdress.

Battle AttireEdit

Handmaiden Battle DressEdit

Worn while in disguise as a handmaiden, the combat attire was designed for ease and mobility. It had a crimson dress that finished below the knee and over was draped a cloak of a darker shade of red that had open sides so weapons could be accessed.

Combat SuitEdit

This was perhaps the most functional of all of the outfits in Nalanda's wardrobe, Nalanda wore it during the Battle of Imbroglio just prior to her death. The combat outfit consisted of a body glove, a leather armor vest which was a chaperon with two leather panels that attached to a belt, a belt with a holster and leather gauntlets on the wrist. Nalanda wre this with tall boots and her hair was simply braided down her back.

Senator AttireEdit

Nalanda's clothing as Senator of Naboo was less ornate than during her reign as Queen and allowed her to express her individuality more as well as have a greater freedom of movement.

White Arrival GownEdit

After her arrival on Coruscant, Nalanda intended to go straight to the Senate and dressed accordingly yet bearing in mind that she would be traveling. She wore a simple cream gown of shimmersilk that was gathered at the waist with an ornate belt. Over this she wore a high-collared short cape of chersilk that covered her shoulders and upper body. Nalanda wore her hair curled around her face yet tied back for ease, with an ornamental tiara framing her face.

Purple Senate GownEdit

Nalanda quickly changed into this outfit following the assassination attempt made on her and it fitted the more somber matter that she would be addressing in the Senate. She wore a plain gown of a mauve color with a violet overdress with slashed sleeves that opened at the front. Over this was an embroidered vest that she wore with a blue ornamental belt. As part of the decoration, she also wore ribbed gold spaulders and embroidered purple gauntlets. Her hair was arranged in waves away from her face, kept in place with ornamental combs.

Blue Senate GownEdit

Worn for the meeting with Palpatine and subsequently for when she briefed Danta Pela and Bail Organa about the Imbroglio Summit, this was another of the outfits that Nalanda had to show her in her official capacity of senator. The dress was made of blue shimmersilk and was designed along vertical lines to make Nalanda look taller than she actually was. The cuffs and collar were cut from a star pattern. Nalanda's hair was divided into many little braids and she wore a metal cap shaped like a flower on top of this with many black and white stones.

Imbroglio Arrival GownEdit

The attire Nalanda wore on arrival on Imbroglio for the Summit reflected both the seriousness of the matters that would be decided as well as the fact that she was walking into danger by attending at all. She wore a gray dress with shoulder straps over a transparent black bodyglove. The bodyglove was decorated with stiff white cuffs. Over the dress Nalanda wore a stiff corset that was laced at the back with a matching cingulum with three panels. Completing the outfit was a cream-colored cape that had a segmented front panel where small parts connected it to the clasp.

During the reception on Imbroglio, Nalanda removed the cape and more of the bodyglove could be seen.

Summit GownEdit

For the Summit itself, Nalanda's deep red gown with matching cape was in someways reminiscent of the red throne-room gown she wore as queen. The gown was cut plainly and the darker cloak hung over her shoulders so the gown underneath could be seen. Both the cloak and gown were brought in with a belt and Nalanda wore a wide gold and red collar that covered her shoulders.

Her hair was arranged over a wire frame, framing her face.

Travel AttireEdit

Balcony GownEdit

Green Traveling AttireEdit

Home AttireEdit

'Water' DressEdit

Dinner DressEdit

Blue DressEdit


Nightgown and RobeEdit

Formal AttireEdit

Dinner GownEdit

Funeral GownEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • All of Nalanda's dresses were designed by Katana Geldar using Microsoft Word.


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