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Rez was a male Defel Jedi who served as a member of the Jedi Intelligence Network. He was on Ossus at the time of the Battle of Ossus, and served with distinction in the battle, fighting alongside his Master Kyle Katarn. He is the only known person capable of using Force resurrection to bring a dead person back to life, an ability he used on Ossus to restore Anakin Fel. However, the massive amount of Force energy required to perform this miracle wound up consuming Rez, who died in Anakin's place.


Rez wielded a red blade which, although unusual for a Jedi, seemed to have been chosen because it matched his eyes.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rez's name comes from the popular MMORPG Urban Dead, where "rez" is the slang term for "revive" (hence his unusual ability). He may or may not be the unnamed Defel "extra" at the Jedi Academy in The Joiner King.

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