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Reton (aka ARK 563424) was one of Jango Fett's clones who took part in the clone wars.

Clone warsEdit

Reton was first deployed during the battle of Cato Neimodia and fought alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, as well as thousands of his " Brothers". After the battle he was promoted to second-in-command of Commander Gexic due to bravery in the face of danger, and saving a small platoon from a legion of battle droids by using a rocket launcher to fell a tower and cause the runway on which the droids were standing on to collapse after being hit by the aforementioned tower. He was later sent to the planet Dimock along with Jedi master Di Groota to try and stop the local inhabitants from defecting to the CIS. Unfortunately the attempt was unsuccessful and many cities and inhabitants were lost to the CIS. When order 66 was initiated Reton had to inform the commander of the move, because his own holodisk was malfunctioning after being shot by a battle droid. Near the end of a battle against CIS forces Gexic, Reton and numerous others all opened fire against Di. Unfortunately for them Gexic was killed when Di used his mount, a Ubese Thorn-back war dragon to eat the commander, and although a clone trooper managed to injure the beast and force it to abandon Di, sixteen more troopers fell at the hands of Di, and Reton even lost his left arm. However the battle was far from over and Reton managed to pick up his fallen commander's blaster pistol and shoot Di numerous times in the chest while he was preoccupied by two of his comrades. After the battle Reton was promoted to commander and was rewarded with many medals and honors upon returning form Dimock.


After many more years of service, Reton soon retired to live a simple life on Tatooine and bought a house in Mos Espa. Unfortunately for him Di's padawan, Jirachi Kna was hired by Jabba the Hutt to kill him for as of yet unknown reasons. Many theorized this was because of numerous unpaid debts Reton owed him, or because of a scuffle in a cantina. Whatever the case as soon as Jirachi discovered that Reton was the man who had killed his master he tracked him down and used a thermal detonator to blow him up. His remains were fed to the Sarlacc.


Reton's death helped Jirachi to move one step closer to the dark side, and he was already close to the edge as it was. However Jirachi soon realized this and vowed to never take another life in anger again.

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