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SV-Cruentus era
My brothers! I hereby pledge allegiance to this most righteous and just of causes! With my contribution, our enemies shalt be like crops before a scythe, ready to be reaped!
—Reloiux Dqwer

Reloiux Dqwer was a Rodian militant during the time of the Cruentusian War, who would eventually join up with the Death's Tongue Militia movement. During the era of the Rataka, he had organized aggressive resistance against the Infinite Empire, and used his oratory skills and expert speech-making to convince many to join up to what was widely considered a futile cause. Following the collapse of the infinite Empire, Dqwer formed his followers into a militant organization which terrorized planets to gain influence. Eventually, however, Dqwer decided to join and merge his organization with the DTM, believing that he would gain much from affiliating with it. Using his speech skills and grandiose way of speaking, Dqwer convinced many beings to fight, and in some cases sacrifice their lives, for the Militia, and was hence considered by the DTM's leaders to be one of its key assets. He was also a fairly able military commander. Sometimes, he would also tint his propaganda feeds with subliminal messaging, making them even more appealing.

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