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If Palptine had kept his people happy his Empire would still be around today. But he didn't. He treated them like slaves and they revolted. I will keep the people happy. I will establish an Empire that will be eternal.
Kyle Tarnage

The Reformed Galactic Empire, also referred to as the RGE or simply the Galactic Empire, was a galactic alliance established by Kyle Tarnage after Fel's Insurgency. The Empire was created to replace the dieing order that had been crippled over the course of the war.The RGE's promise of peace and prosperity attracted many devastated worlds to the union. As a result the Empire grew into a strong and systematic government by the time of the Border War.



As Fel's Insurrection wore on, many Imperial citizens grew tired of the war. After both Emporer Fel and Darth Krayt were killed in a single day, the people cried for peace. Kyle Tarnage, the heir by marriage, announced that he would reform the Empire to better fit the needs of the people. Emperor Tarnage established government controlled workplaces and multiple welfare plans, in the effort to help the Imperial people. Such promises were general accepted by the people and operations to move the plan along was created.

Building an empireEdit

The Imperial government offered even more benefits to those who join the military. As a result the might of the Empire grew. Using his new forces, Emperor Tarnage began a crusade to conquer outlying worlds. Many of the weak planetary governments had responded by over taxing the people.


Imperial walkers advance.

The Empire used this political unrest to its advantage. The conquered people saw the coming Imperials as saviors, rather then dictators. By 132 ABY the Reformed Empire had expanded its borders until nearly thirty systems were under its control.

However, this kind of imperialism came at a price. Many worlds had enough military power to resist the Empire, at least for a time. After their homeworld fell under attack the Bothans retaliated. The result was a bloody space battle, in which both sides took heavy causalities. However, the Empire was able to push the Bothan forces battle. Immediately after the battle newly appointed Grand Moff Cos Gruspect ordered an all out attack on Bothawui. The RGE secured the planet and executed all the Bothan leaders. The conflict between the Empire and the Bothans got the alliance galactic recognition. Both the Core World Alliance and the Hutt Empire began to see the Empire as a threat.

Peace talksEdit

With three major powers swallowing up smaller worlds at their borders the Galaxy began to feel the strain of imperialism. Wanting to avoid all out more the Empire sent their Head of State to negotiate with leaders of the Core World Alliance and Axis of Outer Rim Powers.

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