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The Randy Pope was a Citadel-class cruiser owned by Randy Bobo. The ship was a mobile base of operations for his various poorly thought-out schemes.

Apparently completely unmodified from its baseline, the only distinctive feature of the ship form exterior inspection was the Cloakshape Fighter, (the Supreme Ultimate Victory for the Hiromi Star Empire) attached to the hull. As standard for the class, the ship was well-armed and swift for a civilian transport. These assets were very useful when Randy's operations went bad (which, with Hygog in charge, they often did.)

Randy acted as the overall commander of the ship, however, his Duros pilot and navigator, Ano Nymose, typically piloted the ship. Control of weapons systems were left to Fuzz McGazz, however Randy himself would usually act as an assistant gunner. Typically, the Supreme Ultimate Victory for the Hiromi Star Empire would disconnect form the ship to act as a support unit or to cover its frequent retreats.

Curiously enough, the individual crew members had partitioned off all non-essential areas of the ship, using gaff tape to mark which part of the ship "belonged" to each member of the crew.

In In 37 ABY, Randy and his crew were hired by an unknown party to steal Ssi-ruu technology and artifacts. While looting a dig site in his search, he crossed paths with a group of Jedi who tried to stop him. A fight broke out, leading to a hasty retreat from the planet. During the battle, the Randy Pope was badly damaged and disabled.

The ship was subsequently impounded and, given its condition, likely broken up for salvage.

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