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Rakhon was the sixth planet in the Zhyrus system. It was more than three times smaller than Eloque, but small lifeforms eventually did evolve there.

History Edit


The planet was, eventually, colonized by Humans fleeing from the Empire in 7 BBY. There were no more than one hundred of them at that time, and the number did not grow for many decades. Several of them had bounties placed on their heads, most spoke out against the Empire. They had their doubts about surviving on the planet, but were able to hang on for a while.

Only the high ranking members of the Eloquian Alliance knew of the colonization of Rakhon. They did not reveal the information to citizens, in fear that someone would spill the information to the Empire. Eventually, though, an Eloquian mercenary running spice to another star system passed close by the planet and detected small colonies of life forms. He landed, and when he did, several of the citizens of Rakhon fired upon him, for they believed he was an Imperial scout. Fortunately, the citizens stopped firing upon him when their colony's leader ordered them to. He lived, but barely.

The man stayed on Rakhon, and did not tell anyone of the colonies on the planet. He was, after all, an enemy of the Empire himself.

The Public Finds OutEdit

When citizens of Eloque found out about the planet's colonization and the bounties on the peoples' heads, they reported to the Empire. Several Eloquian ships patrolled Rakhon Space, but the Empire never did come.

Everything on Rakhon was kept quiet until the formation of the New Republic. Then, the story of Rakhon was told to the Galaxy, and more colonists came. The planet was hard to survive on, so special domes were created for the people. A couple Eloquian Destroyers were stationed on the planet to protect the people.

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