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Rakatan War of Independence

87 ABY


87 ABY


Rakata Prime


Rakatan victory, independence from Sith rule


Neo-Infinite Empire

Sith Order of Decreto

  • The One

The Rakatan War of Independence was a brief but bloody conflict in 87 ABY. Rakata became the first, and only colony (before the death of Darth Abeonis in 121 ABY) to become independent of Sith rule.

During the war the Sith learner, Darth Q'Antiqas became well known for his successful counter-attack which broke The One's forces. Yet despite this victory, due to the actions of Darth Cannae the planet was lost.

Within ten years of the wars end, the Sith had effectively destroyed the Rakatan government through its spy networks. The Sith re-occupied Rakata after the Neo-Infinite Empire's various defeats by Imperial and Third Republic forces.

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