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Rak Fel was an Admiral from the planet of Corellia. He is a descendant of Soontir Fel and former Emperor Roan Fel. His twin sister is Tif Fel.



Rak Fel was born on Corellia to Wedge and Lysa Fel, 5 minutes after his twin, Tif Fel, was born. His parents indoctrinated him to like the Empire, but he didn't fall for it as much as his sister did.

An Imperial recruiting party came to Tatooine in 238 ABY. Rak and Tif were both selected to join the Empire. One year later, they were both Majors serving under General Hale Stormstopper.

Imperial ServiceEdit

Rak Fel and Tif Fel were dutiful officers, commanding the Super Star Destroyers named the Corrupter and the Contaminator, respectively. In the Battle of Deep Space Sector 9, Rak destroyed several Rebel Star Destroyers and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

In the same battle, however, Tif Fel destroyed more Star Destroyers and was promoted to Colonel, just above Rak. Coming in second place to his older sister made him vow to beat her in anything and everything.

In 241 ABY, at age 21, he was promoted to General, though his sister was only promoted to Commodore. This small victory was enough for Rak, as he got a second promotion.

General Hale Stormstopper had been promoted to Admiral, and given a Hyper Star Destroyer called the Dark Storm. Therefore, Rak was given Stormstopper's Super Star Destroyer, the Dominator. Rak's second-in-command, Lacin Je'Mirr, was promoted to Commodore as well and given command of the Corrupter.

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