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Ragnarök type Power Armor
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Status: online. Welcome user to the MandalTech Ragnarök type Power Armor. Neural Integration will begin in 3. 2. 1....
—Ragnarok-PA Internal A.I.

The Ragnarök type Power Armor was a mechanized power suit created by MandalTech. The Suit was designed to augment a non cybernetic foot soldier, so he could compete with both cybernetic and force sensitive opposition. It was Heavily used by the Omega Elites of the Omega Legion.

Passive Augmentations and SystemsEdit

Most noticeable of the Ragnarök's passive augmentations was Strength. Normally the Ragnarök augments a soldier with three times his normal strength, this makes them fierce melee warriors. The suit is capable of 30 second bursts of strength granting the user nearly 100 times their natural strength. In testing a Mandalorian actually lifted a cloud car and threw it 75meters, to which he jokingly retorted, “Guess I don't know my own strength.

Another passive system the Ragnarök had was its sensor system, while it was equipped with a series of active radar systems the Ragnarök also had a 'sensor leach' system. This was a highly advanced espionage system that hacked into enemy sensors in range (about 3 kilometers) and fed the data to the users HUD (Heads Up Display). Should that fail the Suit falls back on its Active Motion/IFF scanner system.

Finally there were the different visual modes. The Ragnarök did have a visor built in but its merely for facial protection. What the Ragnarök picked up through its Infrared and nightvision optics was fed into users neural interface and transmitted directly to their optic nerve. This had an unusual cosmetic side effect. When a user used the Infrared vision their iris tended to glow red, when they used night vision it glowed green, this did not however seem to effect the users sight when not connected to the Ragnarök Unit.

Defensive Augmentations and SystemsEdit

The Ragnarök's primary defensive measure was its shield system. The Ragnarök was capable of generating a shield that was directly on the suits armor, like an energy skin layer. This shield was capable of deflecting energy up to half a light turbolaser blast. And if the shield took damage and the source of this damage halted, the shield would begin a recharge cycle after 30 to 45 seconds.

The Ragnarök's secondary defensive measure was the armor itself. The armor was made of an unusual composite, the combination of Durasteel and a Cortosis weave. This combination and a series of chemical treatments granted the cortosis weave an incredible life extension. The weave broke down at a rate of eight times slower than normal, allowing it to take massive amounts of lightsaber punishment. It is for this reason that Omega Elites of the Omega Legion were heavily used against lightsaber wielding opponents.

Offensive MeasuresEdit

All Ragnarök power suits had a large turret mounted on the left shoulder, the weapon was highly destructive. The Ragnarök's turret had a standard layout and payload. It had a tri barrel rocket launcher with three micro rockets per barrel. These Rockets were high explosive shaped charges with and explosive radius of three meters, a single rocket could decimate a cluster of ground troops.

In addition to the launcher the turret also mounted a high powered blaster cannon, this cannon was equal in power to roughly three E-11 blaster rifles and had a very high rate of fire. The cannon was accurate for up to 500 meters and had an effective range of one kilometer, the power fall off after that was so dramatic that at one kilometer and 50 meters the blast felt no greater than a insect bite.

To augment the cannon the turret also mounted a photon machine gun, the gun had a high rate of fire and was accurate to within one inch for up to 100 meters, the photon blast maintained power for 700 meters and could be used for heavy suppression fire. The PMG drew power from the suits micro fusion power cells so it had an extremely large ammo count.

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